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Survey: Technical Improvements

By [Flatops] - ADMINISTRATOR - April 23, 2018, 14:30:00
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1. The most important issue for me is game perfomance.
Freezes during movement around the world and opening of menus (even on pretty powerful PC). The more time one spends in the game, the more pronounced the freezes become to the point it's no longer comfortable to play and relog is required. Make it smooth and I'll be the happiest person in the world biggrin

2. Something wrong with the feedback of one's actions in combat. Like, not every click or press is taken into account by the game. That causes some wrong actions and overall sluggish feeling of combat. It may be connected to the #1 issue.

3. I'll quote another user here since he's describing the issue quite well:
"Casting spell need to wait animation finished, or don't update in real time
some spell's casting tile will get changed after using other spell
(ex: when using elio's portal, you need wait after animation finished to cast spell through portal)
that's really annoying that you need to wait every animation complete to really cast spell
or in some case game will show a blue tile when you don't have line of sight to this tile
(ex: a tile behind a wall showing blue when you are using a spell that need LoS)"

4. Not be able to seed an entire field with some seeds (farmer job). I've got message "the area is full" even if there is still a lot of free space on the field. I can understand when this happens to herbalist or trapper seeding, but it's a bit strange with space-limited farmer fields.

5. Some quests are not working correctly with heroes. Like when you take dragon-mount from the machine in the dungeon (with Mimi boss) with one of the heroes, you're teleported out of the dungeon, so you have to complete it again 2 more times to get each of your heroes a mount.

Anyone feels like round time (30 secs) runs faster than 30 secs or is it just me? Like, the timer is incorrect or something... I've no confirmation of it, just a feeling.

PS I'd also love to see some new interface, optimized for at least 1080p, smooth and user friendly, but it's not the question of technical issues, but of design.

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In no special order, and not sure if I forget about something:

  1. Opening and closing objects eats up performance quite easily. I have to daily-feed like 31 pets in a single char, and opening inventory and selecting each of them, opening the preview, the confirmation window and such, seems to speed-up that loss of performance. Same case for maps being periodically checked. I usually have to restart the whole client after doing these daily things because "the pauses" begin to strike, thing that usually takes several dungeon runs before it happens.
  2. The colors problem. I suspect this is caused due to either my crappy graphic card, or some Operative System issue, but game sprites no longer display their real colors for me, just a bunch of blinking and/or palette color swapping. Very likely due to my obsolete stuff, but not everyone can/wants to get newer hardware/software just for being able to play. This should be more oldie-friendly.
  3. Inventories and quests pages should be refined just like the profession pages did, only displaying the "parts" you wanted to display, instead of loading them all at once like the glue recipes used to do. Having the inventory bags being minimized/compacted for not being displayed whenever you check inventory would prevent those "freezings" when you just want to check a single item you had each few minutes. Having the hotkeyd items counting up to +9999 items instead of +999 would help too.
  4. No idea myself, but a contact of mine also claimed that LUA scripts and JAVA are a bad combo for performance too (and peeking the files, it's hard to make head or tails of so much numbered scrips. Names for the win tongue).
  5. And lastly, and possibly what I would value the most, having Haven Worlds changed from a limited resource due to technical limitations to a right for ANY guild, not just the richest ones, the older ones, or those who use secondary Haven Worlds as their personal quarry. (Respects at max here.) If needed, I would suggest removing the mining spots to prevent easy botting, but Haven Worlds should be a part of having a guild, not a privilege.

Thanks for your time.
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If they do 5, they should remove the ability to get exp from farming and being able to plant monsters, and the no tax market bards

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1. The New Display Scaling Fix Completly Ruined my game at any res above 2k, it goes all Blurry and Ugly Forcing me to run in 1080p on my 4k monitor. which is Ugly Reproduces on 3 different systems Same problem Higher Res results in Ugly text and Blurry stuff.
2.Ability to turn off Drops when doing High Stasis Low Level Dungeons. Gets a bit tiresome clearing my bags of Millions of drops.

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1- sometimes at the end of battle , when foggernaut is in motherfogger form , he gets stuck with only stasis spell in his spell bar along with the motherfogger spell , all the other spells are gone and in the spell menu they are greyed out , I have to change character or log out and back in to fix the issue , needless to say  this is frustrating in dungeons

also no spells can be used until you log out and back in , or change character

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1. Guild interface has need a update since the beginning of wakfu, im not sure how u guys went this long without proper guild technical norms Guild time log needs to be implemented asap to keep track of all the old and new members to help keep the guilds clean and help us have a smoother guild experience.
2.Friend lists need an update to see the previous time they have been online ( another time log yes) we need these features asap to keep track of all of our friends
3.Heroes are a hassle when adding them to a guild also, we run out of space too fast.
there should be a way to add their main char to the guild and the rest is automatically in that guild by default, or have the option to have to add heroes to the guild without taking up space.
4.Marketboards needs a revamp to be able to click the Seller's name and open up a pm window or auto paste their name in the current main window.
5. Auto pathing for mp ingame needs to be changed, or let us make our own path with the mouse, because there is a current bug if ur game is lagging and if you click to fast you will move to a another cell and move back instantly, wasting mp( its sad cause even monsters do this if your game is lagging). revamp auto-pathing for mp biggrin

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Steam Achievements, it's broken for years....

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Score : 1343
1- Steam Achievements (for the love of god, it's been broken for a really long time)

2- Mineral Tower Quests doesn't give you fragments rewards(I've done the quests more than 10 times and I still got nothing)

3- Opening Menu(Map, inventory, nation, etc) causes a memory leak

4- sometimes the games kicks you out for no reason(sometimes it kicks me out because of being "Inactive" and I just didn't move for like 2 seconds)

5- if you're Wearing a costume that hides your Hat/hair, sometimes your hat/hair will appear(it's not really common btw)
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Visual bugs happy

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Score : 12775

All of them..

Color bugs
A lot of hair bugs
costume bugs

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adjust team search for dungeon and istance the big problem to wakfu is time to lose to find team and player

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Dhrellzerker can't use skill outside the class's skill, like Marrow Bone, or Mass Charm.

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And the advanced geology (enu's passive) 2nd level's effect already unlocked from level 1

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I couldn't find how to add comment to my post (or edit it), but i'd like to replace my item #5 to the following:

5. Players limit in guilds should be increased again. 200 is too small, considering the heroes must all be in the same guild to be able to party together.

Alternatively, remove the limitation "to be in the same guild" for heroes groupping.

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1. Please remove that yellow particle effect from the booster display thing at the top of the screen. It often freezes my game by covering the screen with yellow glows.
2. For Environmental Quest objects, please make it so you can interact with the glowing part. The graves from Stringing out the Dead are really tricky to interact with, especially when they are behind a tree or similar.
3. Why are Battlefields only open for a few hours of the day? Some people who live on the other side of the world are asleep at that time.

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lower the towering shopping list quest that is the zinit quest for the darkli moon hammer
1. on some servers the quest is nearly impossible to do without paying someone actual money to do it for ya unless you grind your skills up to that point in which by that time whats the point in even trying to do the quest when by the time you hit the level needed you will already be lvl 194 and forget the quest even exists, it alienates a population of the people who buy subscriptions but arent high enough level to just unlock the zaap or well connected enough to actually do the quest.

this is just one gripe for sure but its one of the things that makes me want to swear off the game for good for not being able to do dungeons Im clearly high enough level to do but cant access them because someone thought it would be a good idea to make the zaap 8 levels above the actual dungeons. i could even offer a solution to this problem if ya want, do what you did to every other zaap and make the level requirement to unlock it the level requirement to do the dungeon.

-sorry about the long post back to tickling gators knobbs- Vasotha

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The biggest and most gamebreaking/immersion breaking issue I repeatedly encouter, is the tile targeting system in battle.

In some maps, or special maps, the tiles do not line up with where they are visually (big example being when you need to defeat Nekark in the nations question, but there are many many others, such as any areas with stairs, or in any fights that involve two boats). I have never been more visible angry than when trying to do the Nekark fight for the first few times, unable to tell what Tentacles lined up with what, and trying to click on them properly.

Another issue based around the same thing, is when a large monster, a group of monsters, or an obstacle are in the way, they can end up blocking tiles entirely, making you unable to cast your spells in certain spots, or move in certain ways. This can result in very frustrating misfires, deaths, and confusion.

It makes it very difficult to play the game fluidly and you can miss turns while trying to figure out where you need to put your mouse to find the tile. When you miss a turn due to being unable to cast or move properly, all I personally wanna do is altf4.

Please put some work into the targeting and tile system. smile

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To sum it up in proper format:
1) inaccurate or inaccessible tiles in battle, they are either entirely blocked from view and unable to be clicked, or are bugged and do not line up where they are supposed to. A great example of this would be the Nekark tentacle fight in the quest "A League Under the Sea".

2) increase guild member limit. i have 8 characters on my account and to be able to use them as heroes i need them all in my guild. suddenly, with this logic, 10 people have 80 slots of my guild taken up in order to play the game properly.

3) work on the team/group finder for dungeons. right now it... it extrodanairly ineffective.

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Score : 595

1. mineral tower bug still exists where if you fail the run you sit in the boss room and won't get teleportet to arpagone. Which means you will not be able to retry the boss and lose your ticket for nothing.
2. masqeraiders classerole and sadidas K'mir doesn't work properly. The characters you are binding are sometimes stuck on opponents and it is not sure where they are at the moment, since sometimes they are on a different place then they are visually appearing.
3, heroes not receiving the environmental quest rewards
4. If you craft or trade an item it sometimes disappears visually or the otherway around it is still visible although the trade is successful and the item is not there.
5. Stats bugging out to ridiculous numbers like 40k HP and 90% res. I know it's just a visual bug but sometimes it causes you to actually heal to 100% when i lowered my berzerk character to have his hp under 50%. This used to happenes with some passivies too where you get seemingly double bonuses. This makes the status page pretty inconsistant and untrustable since the actual stats are different.

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Score : 3698

1. When elio or panda moves(only happens with those two to me) sometimes for 9n one client they end up in different positions(screwed me over in ogrest ochre manny times, or when i need to heal them) u need to cast a pushing spell on the empty cell that the char is actually on to be able to cast skills on it like invigorating word.
2. After dc u cant cast a lot of spells, sometimes even move for a whole round. Orb for example cant be cast for a whole duration of the game.
3.eliotrope and other classes hair going through costumes hair or hat.
4. Collecting resources randomly stops have to redo it few times sometimes.
5.GAME BREAKING as in point 1 but with mobs. On two different clients roxxor and gunalz show they have back faced a different way. Just cuz of that u can kill urself amd potentially wipe ur high stasis run. Also applies for ogrest( died to crimson that way once cuz on my screem ogrest was lookig a different way)

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Score : 574

1. Mining tower bug that people cant move, character show in wrong place. This cause me to lost whole team tickets and give up(this happen too many times). I know they don't compensate this, but they actually sell tickets in the shop, so that in game ticket can be measured as og. 2. Anime is so lag in two place. One is bonta mosquito and the other one is weather monster. 3. At least let tickets only be consumed when we beat down the mining tower boss. 4.Following failed, people lost following sometime. 5.The casting spell show in wrong cells in fight.(I mean the spell should be casted in that cell but cant be casted due to the wrong preview.)

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Score : 143

1.Sometimes the hero character does not get the reward of the environmental quest
2.sometimes Fail crash the item i want to fix it
3. Please show me how many days passed since the last login of the guild member
4.Please fix bug where darth wodent sometimes become invisible in battle field

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