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By #[Owlie] - ADMINISTRATOR - April 13, 2018, 17:00:00
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We need a option to turn off relic's aura, or mimic the aura =D

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Will you ever add an option to select X items to delete all of them without having to click every time on them?

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Just 2 questions:

Do you plan to make more Relic/uniq runes? some classes have zero use for these where some classes gain alot of power from it. i posted a from topic but nobody cares about forum nearly. but i do think there shuld be atleast 1 rune for every build, and class. not just meele classes smile

second question.
Cra revamp? mobility is really nerfed hard since the huge punnishment you gave us. and we are quite simple to play. fancy us up please and give us some love smile

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Please no I have revamp PTSD from the Xelor hammering into the ground they did. Please don't touch my cra too. Whenever I hear 'revamp' now all I have is fear, sorrow and dread in my heart.

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when we gonna get all the gods pack they will be all of them perm in the shop or it will be an one time thing? cause i think it will be good to have them perm in the shop it's like a starter pack for the choosing class.

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Any more Wakfunding coming soon,?Almanax rewards makeover?,with new rotating gifts every year would motivate ppl to log in more often.,also any plans on making Ritkus a real big nation like the other 4 ?,or or perhaps a class like years back in Dofus where u could become a different Ritku depending on the weapon used.and last ,,, any underpants,,, I meant underwater dungeons?.

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Will we ever be able to play as the human Foggernaut's and not the ugly machine ones.

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that would be cool, but i still thing they should remove all others because its the world of the 12 and not some random ankama marketing fail, like the new dog thing

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Some Questions from me.

1) Since there have been plans for additions/changes to Haven bags, will we ever be able to change out the "entrace" gems? So that we can make a COMPLETE garden bag for example?

2) maybe more of a bug fix plea
Will you ever fix the invisible issues with the inventory and trades? Not being able to see items after very droppy dungeon runs (several spots SEEM empty but items get put onto waiting list) and item-"doubles" remaining in the inventory while trading, when the game lags excactly when you double click something.

3) Most of our "complains" about the crafting/resource revamps triggered a "we are not done yet with that" from I-don't-remember-who. Will there be improvements any time soon? Especially with the rare resource issues?
Will we see the disabled rare-spawns-when-clan-member-is-happy again??

4) With all the new content, the Encyclopedia REALLY needs some improvements: monster search not working correctly, not enough options for equipment search (seconndary damage types), tons of monster missing their images, not even a category for haven bag decoration, lots of items without ways of optaining.
Any plans for that?

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I love the Pandawa and how it plays, however, will the pandawa's barrel ever get stabilized when casting ''Splash of Milk'' on it? This aspect is very needed, I feel, for a healing Pandawa and in general.

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So, will there be a dragon class?☺

Oh,and will yugo,amalia,Eva,and
Elely and Flopin join the game please let me know


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Yugo amalia and eva are already in the game, but elely and flopin weren't born yet for obvious reasons

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