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Q & A with the team

By #[Owlie] - ADMINISTRATOR - April 13, 2018, 17:00:00
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In preparation for Ankama Live #2, we are giving you feedback on relevant questions asked on our previous stream!


Ratata66 : Are you thinking about further changing the Sacrier ?

The Sacrier has already undergone a redesign in early 2017 which we are fully satisfied with the mechanics and the playability.

Nevertheless, it turned out that the Sacrier was too strong (in PvP and PvM) because of the way the "Clinging to Life" passive worked. The latter being free and permanent, it did not leave enough possible "counters" to his opponents, and did not encourage the Sacrier to play the Berserker gameplay wisely: if the Sacrier can enjoy powerful effects when he has few HP it's because the risk has to be rewarded. No risk, no reward.

On the other side, we have slightly improved the less played or less powerful spells of the Sacrier to make them more attractive.

We will remain attentive to the Sacrier's statistical indicators, as well as your returns, to apply further adjustments in future updates if necessary.
SirJauneDeau : Could it be possible to add a resurrection spell to Pandawa (specialized in healing and under certain conditions)?

It would only be possible with a complete redesign of the class, and if we choose to reinforce its "support" aspect. So it's not planned for the moment.


xXBlackFireXx : A more transparent way to see the possible gain / loss of merit before starting a fight? (It would avoid attacking players using the adjusted level system who will give 0 merit).

Since teammates could join your target's side, it is impossible to determine potential merit losses and gains in advance.

We also do not want to encourage players to achieve 1v1, or to spare targets that do not earn them merit: it is a battlefield, the goal is to exterminate your opponents.

Eliaoo : Would it be possible to add to the global score (already present at the top left of our screen), a personal score (whether at the bottom of the window, below, as you want)? 

We do not wish to display the personal score of the players to avoid further promoting self-centered behaviours such as neglecting the battlefield's common goals to perform selfish actions. There are already enough problems of this type with merit gains.

Nem-er : In order to make battlefields more attractive to everyone, do you plan to add rewards other than PvP ones?

There are already other rewards: it is possible to obtain PvM items.

Nem-er : With the arrival of the heroic / free-for-all battlefields, shouldn't you re-balance their rewards?

Actions in these battlefields already make it easier to get better scores (to the condition that you win for the heroic modes!), and therefore get better rewards.

Nevertheless, do not hesitate to give us your feedback on this subject if you consider that it is currently not sufficiently rewarding. On our side, we will remain attentive to the statistical indicators and will make adjustments accordingly if necessary.


Tynox-LG : is it planned to add the Huppermage and Ouginak emblems in game?

Eventually, we want to separate the visual granted by the class emblems from the statistical bonus, by creating a "class costume" on the one hand and an emblem giving bonuses on the other hand.

It has not been planned yet for the moment.

Sylverteurz : A bag for event items? I hate to throw things you can get during a limited time event, but it takes a ton of space. A bag for consumables?

It is not possible to create a bag specifically for event items. Consumables can be stored in boxes such as the "Adventurer box". It is not planned to add new types of bags at the moment.


Sacripon : Is there more work going on around the Brotherhood of the Tofu? (more quests around the BG of the characters and less of this repetitive side, as well as quests around Yugo, Amalia and Evangelyne)

Members of the Brotherhood of the Tofu arrived in game with some first quests and possible interactions. The incorporation of the members of the Brotherhood in game was a key step. We will continue in the future to create stories that will allow you to meet them.

Azuranto : Given that the Brotherhood is present in the game, will Nox be the new Ultimate Boss?

He is not the next Ultimate Boss. However, it is not impossible that it will appear in game one of these days!

thedumb : Will we ever have the chance to see the Tree Keeholo in game since it is impossible for it to be under the water?

This is not planned at the moment, but it is not impossible.

Sacripon : are bonuses planned for monsters groups that have not been attacked for a long time?

This system works well on DOFUS but could not be implemented in the same way on WAKFU where many zones are instantiated (ex: dungeons) or reserved for certain players (ex: Haven Worlds).

We're keeping your questions warm concerning Stasis dungeons, guilds, nations, potential newcomers in the game ... And we will answer them during the stream on Tuesday, April 17 at 6:00 PM (Paris time)! So get ready because we managed to get you nice spoilers from our Game Designers! 

First Ankama intervention

Replying to cody5

Hello Cody5,

The Ankamalive will be in French but as the previous one, we will publish a recap in English.

See message in context
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Score : 10485

Will the Ankalive be in english?


Hello Cody5,

The Ankamalive will be in French but as the previous one, we will publish a recap in English.

Score : 10768
"No Huppermage and Ouginak emblem" .....
I can understand that Costume-reasoning, but this means that neither of those classes will have a decent emblem until Shushus, which IS kinda unfair, especially in PvP regards...

Will we at least see the decorative gravestones and haven bag kits of the missing classes someday??

PS: Where do we send our questions for Ankamalive number 3 ?


You can write them down here!

Score : 4918

Please talk about potential alternatives to the server merge
Eg: Character transfers, or even preparation for a server merge in the future
PLEASE, i truly beg for this, let our communities come together so that the game can grow as one

Score : 776

I would love to ask questions but I don't speak French sad what to do?

Geez, I can think about so many questions more important than huppermage/ouginak emblem, or less specific than pandawas getting a new ressurect spell, that it's sad to read this recap.



You can ask your questions here.

As for this recap, we received many many questions and just kept some of the best questions for the live!

Score : 15148

Sacrier and Osa revamps until the end of time.

Score : 697

So, where is visual difference for eliotrope emblem.

Score : 102

Ok so whats the next class revamp gonna be like?
cause hasnt it been a long time since the iop revamp (Im an old player so ya) also what happened to the keys for accessing dungeons?

Score : 10485

It will be rogue
And keys were removed because they were just a chore to obtain and jut restricted the use of dungeons

Score : 10485

Ok, here are my questions for the ankalive:
1. Do you plant to do a food/cheff revamp since it's so useless?
2. What are your plans on the wakfu stasis sources and will you add new W/S gear?
3. Will the rogue revamp come before or after the nations revamp? And will the nations revamp also come with the politics revamp?
4. Do you plan to give some new use to crafting HB gems since you made them useless now?
5. What's the difference between light and chromatic damage?
6. What happened to Harebourg?
7. Will zinit ever become F2P?
8. Why does the invisible set show your gear? It says in the description that it should show your base class costume but it still shows your gear?
9. What do you think of letting players access all passives at level 10? It would allow them to ply their classes more fluidly for the first 10-90 levels
10. Are you working on any new Ultimate Bosses or Shushu bosses?
11. Do you plan on changing the Almoken and Mineral tower rewards soon?
12. Any plans to rework xelor? Most of his kit is extremely outdated and IMO could use a bottom up rework (yes I'm a xelor main).
12.5 Hair for xelors? Or even a different style of bandages, dudes have less customization options than foggernauts, and foggers aren't even human. Pls include in their eventual revamp
13. The Feca temple (Ogrest cult) has a time sensitive trap (a trapdoor) that you have to cross, why does this mechanic not appear anywhere else in the game? I mean afaik stone perch is the only dungeon with out of combat mechanics at all.
14. Could you revamp and relaunch the dungeon teamfinder? Because currently noone uses it because it's awkward to use and occsionally forgets to remove offline players from the list.
15. Could we get more gear that shows some gear trough it? Because at the moment we only have Incarnate and Factory worker, which only show hat, epaluetes and boots, can't we have more variety? Also could we get back Factory worker costume's ability to hide class masks?
16. Havenbag music gets old eventually, could we get a craftable jukebox for havenbags? Music could even be rare drops
17. Could we PLEASE have some animation on havenbags if the owner is home? It's basicly impossible to find a safecrafting bag in the sea of havenbags left around!
18. How do you win a FFA battlefield if the enemy team doesn't want to come? You can't even get points.

Score : -21

Will you do nothing about the java problem with old integrayed graphics?


Hi Deltanoid,

You can try iNTiMD4T0R's solution discussed here.

Score : 542

Will the ELIOTROPE REVAMP OR LOOK UPDATE will ever happen in the future?

Score : 2414

better a look update cause elio right now it's one of the most balanced class of the game. he don't need a revamp

Score : 56

Mostly just a bunch of "It's not planned."

Score : 1

Will we ever be able to cross-dress?

Score : 210

What are your thoughts on Eniripsa? 

- Why do fire marks not apply when you oneshot a target?
It is understandable that Eni is supposed to be a teamplayer and that you want follow up on the marks but it almost feels like Eni's must not oneshot for the mark to have an effect. And if I take the masquiring mark passive i sometimes want the AoE to pop but in low level dungeons that is not possible because even here mark kills the mobs, this is very frustrating. Also, because you dont mark a target you oneshot its not possible to get stacks to regenerate WP, this adds a lot of frustration. I believe that with this change will be a huge help-out for DD Eni and when playing in lower level dungeons but also an overall improvement.

- What's up with MP cost of UR
Besides this i wanted to talk about UR, do you think you could make it so switching between UR and normal mode wont use MP after the first cast? Sometimes i want to do a certain combo but then il have to spend 3 mp just to swap between effects, you could limit UR by saying X cast per turn or make i so after the 1st cast you get to changed 2 times freely. Eni's isn't the most mobile of classes so they need all the MP they can get. this is especially useful for air Eni if you want to release prop stacks and need to kite a bit.

- What is you opinion on Hammle mark?
I like the UR effect (though its not practical), the normal effect is honestly nothing to talk home about, in most cases it could work against you unless you have extreme teamplay in the most niche of situation, i would like to see this spell get changed. 

thank you for listening to my questions

Score : 215

Is Mount Zinit ever going to become available for free to play players?

Score : 15148

What are your thoughts on Sadida?

-Why is the voodoll so restricted?
It only lasts for 2 turns so it's already not exploitable. So why have the 2 turns cooldown? The 2 turns cooldown should not exist. You designed it this way so we can't use it on bosses all the time but why not add a WP cost to it instead? WP was made as a special cost to spells so any specific spell can't be used too much. That's a better way of balancing than adding a 2 turns cooldown.

-What is the purpose of Dolly Sacrifice if we use WP on nothing?
Sadida barely uses WP for anything so what is the purpose of Dolly sacrifice when we can heal ourselves better with water spells? The better solution is to remove this spell and add something useful.

-What is your opinion of Sacrifice doll spell?
Its effects don't have much of an impact, turning dolls transparent doesn't matter, it really doesn't. If you want a solution to doll line of sight let us summon totems/voodolls to fix that, that's the real line of sight solution.

Thank you for listening to my questions

Score : -54

please let your team know
HOW LONG until we get a merge? the only people left on nox are the egotistical people and I don't wanna be here anymore, also if possible can you place my character on remi?


Thanks for the questions! We'll share them with the  team.

Score : 1105

If there's still time to ask a question: Are we ever going to get our prizes from the Create-a-set contest from 8 years ago?
I want my fish shovel sad


Hi Oamoka,

As this was from almost a decade ago, we'll do some digging first.

Score : 29

Here are my questions principally regarding to the graphic part of the game.
1. Is there going to be any changes on character’s aesthetics? Since there are many classes that do not look very good in most of the cases. For example, eliotropes always have their hats showing off. Or another example is how impossible it is to make a female masqueraider look pretty.
2. Will we ever get wakfu in HD? I know it might be difficult to even imagine everything that would have to be changed for this, but I believe that an optional hd option would be amazing.
3. Are you going to release costumes for every class (such as iop’s or zurkarac’s) AND god/goddesses (such as eni’s, xelor’s, sacrier’s, etc) or will it stay like everything together? (eni’s costume staying as eni’s costume,, etc)

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