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The Brotherhood of the Tofu arrives in game

By #[Owlie] - ADMINISTRATOR - March 27, 2018, 17:15:00
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Such sweethearts... how precious to see them as little ones! I'm so excited about this update, great work tending to your narrative, Ankama!

Though, um, if I may be so bold as to ask... would this mean that, er, possibly, maybe, one day... we might be able to encounter Nox?

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Hi lunarmurchen,

Only time will tell...

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Why do they look 8 years old?

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They are, the anime happens 5 years ingame from now

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I'd like see Ruel too, It's really cool this update biggrin

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owlie how discord wakfu going i havent been on discrod for a while

add coustoums of the brother hood so u can be them

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I need help. I just got this game.

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Ah great ! Just finished season 3, I'd love to see them in game!

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I may just be retarded but how do you complete percedals training quest

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Ok I know it's relevan but stilll please avoid posting on ancient threads instead of making a new one, i's against forum rules.

That said, you talk to goultard, he will tell you what monster to fight, then you use an iop whistle before the fight  and win the fight

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