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Show Off Your Creativity!

By [Owlie] - ADMINISTRATOR - March 02, 2018, 16:00:00
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The World of Twelve and the Krosmoz in general are sources of inspiration for many of you. Between fights and other perilous adventures in your WAKFU MMO, you sometimes pull out your pencils, scissors (and sometimes even kitchen utensils to make Alibert's signature dish, his delicious Gobball Stew…). What if we officially paid homage to your talents?

It's no secret: the WAKFU community is teeming with young geniuses with vivid imaginations. And we have to admit that every time we stumble on one of your creations, we are delighted, if not absolutely dazzled!

But Internet is a big place and many of them get lost in its vastness… Not to mention the few stubborn ones, the shy ones who don't don't quite dare to show off their own creativity and prefer to keep it to themselves. Yes, yes. Don't deny it! We see you, even in the shadows!

So, to convince you to share your drawings, paintings, cosplays, music, and even recipes inspired by the WAKFU universe, we have decided devote a special monthly roundup to them!  

Put your creations in the spotlight and give them the recognition and admiration that they deserve by sharing them officially with the whole WAKFU community! News, social media, Stream, GAMAKNA: all the platforms are in place to do justice to your masterpieces.

As of now, you can send them to us by email at the following address: [email protected], or by regular mail to:

Wakfu Community Management
75 Boulevard d'Armentières, 59100 Roubaix, FRANCE

(Important: If you chose to send your creations by regular mail, we will not be able to send them back to you.)

There are only a few rules to follow:

  • The size of your work must not exceed 5 megabytes.
  • Accepted formats are as follows: .BMP, .JPG, and .PNG.
  • The subject line of the email must be in the following format: Forum Username - Fan Creations (for example: Owlie - Fan Creations)
  • And of course, you must imperatively be the creator of the work(s).

Please also note that by sending us your creation(s), you agree to the submission agreement that allows us to share your creation(s) on all our pages, as well as edit them or alter them so that they are compatible with certain formats.

Don't wait: Jump in!

First Ankama intervention

Replying to ToneLundd

All creations are welcomed, so music is too! wub

See message in context
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Score : 337

No musical creations allowed?!


All creations are welcomed, so music is too! wub

Score : 179
I don't think it would be supported on visual supports such as banners, wallpapers, or even inside the GAMAKNA issues.
A musical creation event might (and I strongly suppose will) be made during this year. So don't worry none my friend @ToneLundd.

Welp! ...
By the power of editing and rectifications by Ankama, I retract what I wrote earlier.
Score : 337


[Owlie]|2018-03-02 11:18:28
All creations are welcomed, so music is too! wub

Hooray! Thanks owlie :'D
Score : 1148

fan-made classes are also allowed biggrin?

Score : 52

Can I ask? As I understood Dofus artworks ain't count here, right? We need to show our creativity about Wakfu theme, right? ^^


Hi AquariaLorten,

Yep that's correct! happy

Score : 162

Is it fine if I make a new class for the game?



Granthese|2018-03-02 22:12:49
fan-made classes are also allowed biggrin?

AmorPowerRanger|2018-03-04 06:18:13
Is it fine if I make a new class for the game?

Hey guys,

As long as they're related to the WAKFU universe! Don't forget to include a background or a short description about it. 

Will this be the comeback of the Trucker class? 
Score : 25288

I don't see rewards.
It is just show off to give ankama free advertisement or something i don't understand.


Hi Kikuihimoji,

On the contrary, it will be an advertisement for the artists as we'll be showcasing their work on our media channels.

Score : 33

I sent in some of my work, I cant get enough of drawing these characters from the ones in the show to my own.

Score : 47

to reward an artist by publishing his art is like to reward a cheff by eating his food

Score : 678

thing that i made long ago. doesnt realy fit into rules so ill just put it here and hope it wont spook you too much

Score : 1

Am i allowed to post an art i did for gamakna contest?


Hi karakum1,

Yes of course! As long as it is WAKFU related.

Score : 661

Oh no way!

Score : 33

i hope i am not late for submission


Hi prozin97,

There's no deadline, you can send your creations anytime!

Score : 375

Hello, up to how many works can we submit?


Hi UsiemonJPN,

There's no limit. Send them over!

Score : 20

Well, okay, this is perfect. I'm actually working on a fan comic with some friends of mine, and I was thinking "Hey, I could submit it here! Or at least see if Ankama doesn't mind a fan comic series."



Of course we would be glad to see it! Thank you. smile

Score : 1

I only just started playing the game recently, and I've been a fan for a few weeks, so can I still submit?

new post: sorry, I have another question haha
Do we have to put a backstory for our works or its just optional?


Hi Senkaima,

Welcome aboard! Yes of course, there's no deadline for submissions.

Score : 10

So can writers also participate or is this more of a visual art thing?


Writers are welcome too! happy

Score : 1

Can we use Google Drive to submit arts?


Hello Hoo,
Sure, I'm fine with it too.

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