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Start and Finish With Ecaflip!

By [Shop] January 09, 2018, 11:00:00
AnkaTracker News

What do the start of the year and the end of your next fights have in common? Ecaflip! More precisely, the Ecaflip Finisher, which comes with 30 day Boosters until January 15. For this first month of the year, those of you who get on like a Bow Wow and Bow Meow will have a great time!

And who other than that prankster Ecaflip could start with a finish? Unless it's merely a coincidence… Either way, it doesn't matter! The fact is that the month dedicated to him opens with his Finisher, which will take your opponents to dreamland – or to wonderland – for good!

To get it, you don't need to scratch a post, play with balls of yarn, or throw any dice: The Ecaflip Finisher is a bonus gift with 30 day Boosters! Don't miss out, you've got until 11:59 PM CET on January 15!

Booster packs

  • Finishers are linked to the account.
First Ankama intervention

Replying to mr-alexius

Hi ---double--,

Thanks for the notice! happy

See message in context
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meh, id pay for the ecaflip costume but not this

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The ouginaks' god is Ecaflip xD

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Score : 157

Wonderful .Thanks

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Score : 403

That Cheshire cat reference...

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Hi ---double--,

Thanks for the notice! happy

Score : 78

Finisher is time eq or it's last for "ever" when I got it?

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Hi Mis-tral,

Finishers are not consumed. You can only activate one at a time.

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" Ecaflip Finisher, which comes with 30 day Boosters until January 15."

/Sarcasm Such great idea to put a limited time on a linked, cosmetic item....
You guys don't want money?
I just came back, and saw this new neat thing, looked over wanted percival one.. would pay in a heart beat.. but alas I can't!

Your loss ankama

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Score : 1

that is the really cool im going to go start my Ecaflip jorney to get that finisher

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