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Server Merge Update

By [Flatops] - ADMINISTRATOR - July 31, 2017, 15:00:00
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talking about cheap and free, just just can't earn enough do you !?
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by abusive PKing you mean, abusing the OP classes right?... right?
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Blocking people from content by forcing them into fights, repeatetly. Like camping at a phoenix or at a zaap and attacking everyone passing through, regardless of them having their flags up or not, while outnumbering and outleveling them.

They are not talking about regular pvp and the class-hierarchy.
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While this may not be popular from the standpoint of delaying the move. It's the right decision from a QA standpoint, especially from the standpoint of keeping legacy players from the Nox server during such a move.

I support this decision completely.

- Madd
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Since you are limited to 5+3 characters per server, what if you have characters on multiple servers and their total number exceeds the maximum number of characters?
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Halleluja, been waiting for as long as i have been playing!
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Oh so the game really is dying. too bad )=
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Yes, the game is dying out and the servermerge would have brought a bit of life back into the server.
Well, this is just my opinion, but anyway, some of the updates are screwing people over (like being able to craft/upgrade stuff that is better than some of the best epics/relics). Just this one update had 80% of my guild quit =/
Some people are complaining on other servers that they don't have people to play with because either the timezones are different or because players quit or because other players are in endgame or whatever reason.
But instead of actually doing the servermerge to appeaase the needs of the many or FINISHING THE DAM ZINIT QUESTLINE (so they can "work" on different stuff) , they are just making stupid cash updates to fill their pockets even more before the game dies out completly.
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people quit the game while waiting for merge,please be fast!
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I cant explain it right, but this game has a serious problem with ''time'' , things we're released wrong, like a building with fails parts in the process. I can try, and can fail but can suceed too, but i dont wanna huh, to.... find a solution to that, i really get desmotivated when thinking about fixing something that have cracks in the middle, going all the way back is too complicated. The thing is: ankama loose the right time of this game, it would be better if he was back in time and then the content released rightly, wakfu already got into his climax, according to the grafic there is only fall left to it. That said... after some balances we need a radical change, i dont know what this change must be, but rather something incredible, a major update with colossal changes, or something that makes the game looks like ''brand new''
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That would be difficult for they to do since they are "working" on Zinit for 3-4 months at least and you expect them to make a major update? They are too busy raking in the cash before the game dies out.
Would be nice to have such a grand update to fix several problems and have new content available to everyone but that wouldn't be like ankama to make such a big fancy move to bring back new and old players.
Several of my friends who quite the game because of stupid item upgrade and other updates come back after a few months, check the game, notice it is still utter garbage/ waste of time/money (since they are still running the cash mill instead of doing actual content) and decide they are going back to other games which are actually worth their money because ankama first and foremost thinks about their pockets and at the bottom line is the new content. Most of the updates are still the same old junk copy pasted from years past.
So obviously people are going to quit this game and run where their money and time isn't that big of a waste as Wakfu. They will go to Dofus or Overwatch or Tera online or Wildstar or WoW or League of Legends instead of this sorry sack of junk
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I only worry about the characternames honestly. I dont want to fight with others aka "who is the fastest to log in after the update" to claim the character names they used before. That would be extremely annoying.
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they already explained about this , that the first character created is the only one able to save the name while later character will be needed to change their name
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whats going to happen to those of us who have characters on 2 of the servers?
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*necro spell!*

Because there's no mention of merger in Gamakna.
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They will just postpone it for a few more months until the playerbase dies out. Or at least the playerbase that actually cares about the merger. If they would actually care about the servermerge , they would have just done it already and worked out problems until now, but nope, they don't even mention it in gamakna. Also, notice how they barely even wrote anything on wakfu, just cryptic crap and how this or that guy made whatever map or class thing.
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I've been planning on coming back for over a year now once this merge happens, but you guys keep pushing it back.... it really can't be that hard.....
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they probably planned server merge on 2018/12/31

I was wrong
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Server economy will have trouble either way, there's nothing to avoid that, although it will be a temporary thing. I get the issue of the Haven World, which I'm guessing is the main reason why there was a delay.

I believe, though, that this should be a priority, new content and revamps are good, but low populations on these servers is what is making the game less attractive to beginners(in my opinion at least). 
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Posting as a 2018 reader from the Nox server! I'm seriously excited for this merge and honestly can wait however long it takes. I return to Wakfu on and off just because of how dead-ish my server is to include the ridiculously jacked up economy, but I know you guys are working hard in every way you can. Don't fail us Ankama!!
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The merger seriously concerns me, due to the language barrier. In my experience it makes a lot of players clannish, over on Rem, which I play on a lot of the time.
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any good news for the server merge ?
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Seems like nothing at the moment
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It's 2019
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Oi, no necroposting, just make a new thread
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kumbangkece|2018-06-02 21:44:50
any good news for the server merge ?

Hello guys,

We don't have information to share at the moment but we can assure you it's on the team's mind.
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It's been on your mind for years. Can you guys actually do something?

We've been waiting for ages. This announcement got bumped and I jumped out of my chair cause I thought there was ACTUAL news and progress on the merge, but nope.

This game reminds me of APB:R. Another game with monumental empty promises and stagnant activity.
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