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New Booster Packs

By $[Sabi] - ADMINISTRATOR - April 04, 2016, 17:30:00
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Come on guys and girls, is 3 mystery boxes not enough for one full year ?
Would you actually buy it because it has more than 3, or are you just complaining ?

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Flatops|2016-04-06 08:28:11
FeldePard|2016-04-06 02:16:14
It's a shame you don't have options for buying heroes with the 180 or 360 day options. Some folks would love to plan for a bundle.

Hi Fel,

You can purchase Heroes for 180 or 360 days here.

Notice I said "would love a plan for a bundle"...

My "complaint", if you will, is that there is not a combined bundle like there is with the 30 day.

Would also love a 180 day sub with 180 days of heroes to be purchasable with currency, not ogrines. Thanks. x.x
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