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Event: Double XP Combat and Craft Weekend!

By [Sabi] - ADMINISTRATOR - August 12, 2014, 18:00:00
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Xell-Dincht|2014-08-13 19:08:50
Doesn't mea culpa "just" give 100 wisdom to double your EXP?

Well, a Mea acts like wisdom I believe for combat exp. It's different for crafting. Since crafting doesn't benefit from wisdom the potion doubles your craft exp in same way. So it might stack with the bonus from this event. And hopefully Mini is correct. biggrin

I could search for the last double event since this question is always asked but meh.
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nvm Gyn got ahead of me

Xell-Dincht|2014-08-13 16:21:41
You misunderstood me. Of course it's doubled. But we can reach 15 times of the exp of a first character with zero wisdom who plays not at the double exp bonus weekend.
Normally being a 3rd character with 150 wisdom grants us 7,5x exp. But now we got 15 times the exp. Hurray.
Max you can reach with event is

2x3+150 ... so still 7.5 times the xp. Cuz WIS is capped.
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Pretty sure this is the formula. If wisdom multiplied the account and event bonuses that would be insane.

(Base Exp)*(Bonus event)*(Account Bonus) + [Base Exp*(Wisdom/100)]

You know, the more I try to recall how it works the more confused I'm getting. Maybe it is insane lol.
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It hasn't started yet? D:
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i think no on amara the xp are the same as ever.
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Is it for server hour; or Remington and Amara has to wait Nox's time?
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It should be server time tongue but I guess Ankama is trollin' (again) !
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Typical Ankama. Can't get their stuff together...
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Or they are just bad with dates. Usually 15th august means 16th for them tongue I'm pretty sure this is the problem smile 
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Great biggrin
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Is anyone getting the xp at all? No one in the hispanic community got it, and we got an official announcement about the event too. Frenchies are asleep right now so they haven't said anything at all, neither if they got it or not.
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I lead a french guild in this server and we have no xp bonus. So maybe we need to wait american houre ?
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There should be a time zone.
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Oh yeah, dat nasty pics of Adolf, furries and Midget love.
Still, where is the event.
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Yeah... Remington too, no exp bonuses and is aready friday on the game.
Hey everyone!

The event should be working on the servers, please make sure to recheck and get that exp!

IcyTincie|2014-08-13 01:06:20
I am so ready for this!
72 hours here we go!

Maybe some of you might want to share some advice on how to make the best use out this event. smile

Neneko88|2014-08-13 02:31:15
yay for god sadida!happy
thank you sabi so glad you're back!

Awe thank you, I am glad to be back too even though I had quite a few things to catch up on this week and I missed you guys too!

MiniMikeh|2014-08-13 07:28:26
Damn I was hoping only the french were getting this for once :/

Why not sharing the experience around? smile

Xell-Dincht|2014-08-13 14:56:32
It's pretty nice you mention Amara, Sabi. Welcome back, i hope you had wonderful vacations {3.

Of course, I wouldn't let Amara not benefit from this either, and thank you they were quite welcomed and enjoyable.
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15th at 0:01 am is 15th!!! AT 0:01 not 16th at 0:01!! ankama!! STOP TROLLING!!
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nice event is aktiv and i can´t do anythink because since the beginn of teh event my char get set beck to zero everytime i log in. yay
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nice, im away from home, dont have decent connection to lvl up tongue, maybe next time
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Has anyone confirmed with Wisdom and Prospecting Flasks work with Mea Culpa?
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