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Stay fashionable using costumes!

By $[Woten] August 05, 2014, 11:42:26
We know looks are not the most important thing of all, but sometimes you end up feeling bad about having to use some equipment (mainly that weird hat you got from a gobball). Don't worry about that anymore! Until August 8, you can purchase the costumes in the Shop with 25% discount! 
Stay fashionable using costumes!

Until August 8, all Shop costumes will be 25% off! This is your chance to be more stylish (or hide that bizarre equipment) in the World of Twelve! Harvesting  with the Farmer Costume, facing 40 outlaws with the Ally Baba Costume, or just stay in the shadows and attack your enemies silently with the Ninja Costume! There are lots of possibilities! 

The promotion will be available until August 8! Visit our Shop!

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[Complaint about not being able to buy OG here]
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Some new costumes to buy would be nice...
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Like for example a costume that asia already has >.> Click here
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How can we buy costumes when we cant buy OG!? Can ankama add google wallet to their payment options!?
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nice, would love to buy some costumes.
if only i can buy the ogrines
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Can you stop sounding so stupid?

You're not helping the community in any way

You're just overadvertising payment, and in such an invasive way that I even struggle to translate these news for the Italian Forums just thinking "How dumb would this sound of my mouth..."

Holy crap, you're not a TV cheap ass commercial. Stop repeating the same things 5 times. All you do between the bottom part and the top part of the image is repeat the same things. When I scroll down I expect more information, but trust me I've seen more efficiency in CTRL + C CTRL + V'ing posts.
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You're failing at maintaining this game ankama. I was a loyal customer since closed beta, and I can't put up with this any more. But this game had, and may still have, amazing potential. It was unique and fun and cute in a lot of ways, and the game play was pleasant when there weren't bugs. But you aren't listening to your customers, you're being greedy, the bugs are piling up and they aren't getting are ruining this game, and you won't even see this post. And if you do read my post? You'll dismiss it, just like you dismiss everything else your customers say. Design a product to be appealing, endless bugs and grinding aren't appealing to very many and you have lost a lot of users over time because of it. You lost me as well, I just hope you'll improve in the future so the game will be fun again.
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@ Poppyo

You're right.
1 positive reply > 1000 negative
I remember a news post where dozens of people were unhappy - two people got a response. Who we're these people? People who said something as basic as "This looks good"
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How can I buy stuff if I am not allowed to buy ogrines?
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On a more positive note, I still can't buy ogrines.
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Seriously, can we have some new costumes please?? This fire sale on current costumes is wasted on most because the current selection is a little stale you know?? When can we get some cute dresses, swimsuits, trunks, something a bit cuter/cooler??
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Alocispep|2014-08-05 18:54:24
Like for example a costume that asia already has >.> Click here
I agree please add this one before the summer is over
You know we like costumes more than anything in the shop ankama..why not add more?
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You know that's a really good point actually what is ankamas deal with being so withholding of costumes in the first place? There's at least over a dozen costumes in the games files that are unobtainable that they could be making money off of in the boutique but refuse to sell them?

Some of which have been in the game for over a year with still no way to get it.
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it's like they don't want money or they made a contract with the people who create the costumes sleep
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