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This weekend! XP & Drop potions!

By $[Woten] August 02, 2014, 00:00:00
Nobody asked you to go out this weekend? Don’t get emotional, we made this special sale to cheer you up! Wisdom and Prospection potions in our store for 350 Ogrines each! Each will provide 150 of its stats during 5 battles!
This weekend! XP & Drop potions!

You worked or studied all week, and now your friend that had the same level as you, is now 40 levels above, these are common scenes at the World of Twelve, in our weekly reunion, this issue was discussed by the best professionals, later was developed two marvelous potions to help these poor fellows! Wisdom and Prospection potions, now available in our stores for 350 Ogrines each! These potions provide 150 of its stats during 5 battles!
Don’t waste this opportunity, because we will stop this sale at 08/04, 23h59. Some doctors didn’t wanted to see adventures with overdose.

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I want to but Paypal doesn't work tongue 
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Yeah well if you could fix that all my payment methods are blocked for no apparent reason, that'd be great. C'mon Ankama, at least publish a post saying your payment system is having issues, it's been 2 weeks now and I still can't buy anything, this is insane. Support doesn't do anything either, they just paste the general payment FAQ on your ticket and call it a day, they don't even look into your issue.
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booo, I thought it's an XP event or smthing...
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why, can't i, hold, all these, commas?
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How about you fix the payments options so we could actually buy your sales? HM?
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Cairen|2014-08-02 17:57:15
why, can't i, hold, all these, commas?
comma comma comma comma chameleon
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hmm ok I like this eventhappy 
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ultimate game card!
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w8... so If I use these pots, and do a 150wis challange, the challange basically won't count bcz ur capped at 150 right?
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Lol, when Woten makes these threads he sounds like one of these door-by-door sellers that smile like psychos and think "GIVE ME YOUR MONEY YOU UGLY DONKEY". Honestly though, he advertises more than these stupid American commercials. He repeats the same thing 3 or 4 times.
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I really do not understand this retarded company. Do they not understand there is a serious problem with payment and players wanting to buy from the cashshop. But they cannot use paypal or their credit card.

Address the dam problem you idiots!!!
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I think until the payment issues are fixed, Ankama needs to stop offering limited-time sales. If you want to do events, fine. Make them ingame and available to everyone, not just subscribers or those who can currently pay.

At the very least, if you're selling fancy XP and Drop potions for only the weekend, give the players a free XP and Drop boost during the same time (less, but similar.) The people who can pay get a bigger boost, everyone else gets a boost they didn't have before, and Ankama still gets their money.

If the issue here is Ankama thinking that it's all on our ends, and offering cool things for a limited time encourages more people to fix their issues and pay again, that's just dumb. IT'S NOT ALL ON OUR END ANKAMA. Fix your issues with the banks, or you don't deserve out money. We should not have to jump though 16 hoops just for the privilege of paying you money. 
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Come on Ankama. This is pointless. Nobody can buy Ogrines because your system is broken, and nobody wants these potions anyways.
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MereBytes|2014-08-02 15:50:31
I want to but Paypal doesn't work tongue
Im guessing from ankamas side it just looks like noone is paying (not that you know - people CANT pay), so theyre chucking out some promotions.
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I've bought Ogrines twice with paypal since all this complaining started...
I've had no issues with the payment system, what is everyone complaining about?
Is it only effecting certain areas?
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This should be an event. Plus I can buy anything!
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