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Buy One Get One!

By $[Woten] July 31, 2014, 12:03:05
Purchase any title from our shop and you will receive the title "Able Seaman"! With these titles, nobody will ever call you "Hey!", "You!", "Bro!" and will start to call "Aye Captain" among others!
Buy One Get One!

The titles are good indicators of importance in the World of Twelve. Some adventurers don't like to be called by their names, but by their titles!

Don't wait to get your titles! Buy One Get One! Any purchased title from our store, receive the "Able Seaman" title for free! This special promotion will be available until 1st of August. 

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Here is the thing Ankama, you can have all the special sales you want. But it means nothing when half your players cannot buy ogrines or use paypal, or their credit cards on your site.

You guys really are some jokers......
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i wish you did this a few days earlier.
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