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A golden addition for August 5!

By [Sabi] - ADMINISTRATOR - July 31, 2014, 14:00:00
There’s only one step between robbing a bank in Srambad and ending up in a safe in Enurado. And this step will be yours to take on August 5! This summer, don’t trust the shiny stuff, for it may not be made of gold in Enurado, the new Divine Dimension… Let’s find out what awaits you!

The new content “The riches of Enurado” will be implemented on August 5. No need of an ID number or password to enter, a shovel and a strong desire to cut your enemies in pieces should do the job.

In short:

  • 1 new dungeons for level 160-170
  • 1 new Enutrof monster family, led by Cledus 'Onist the Key-Keeper
  • 9 main quests
  • 4 environmental quests
  • 9 achievements
  • 53 new items to loot

Ready to line your pockets?

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WOA ^^ Nice
My body is ready
YESSSSSSsss finally a water/fire set thats good for my eni. Woo-Hoo gotta get on this.
My Osa is ready.
Rokugatsu|2014-07-31 14:58:41My Osa is ready.

You mean new monsters??

Those monster from enu island look more like robot than animal :/, I guess then gonna be like mecha 2.0, can't be capture.

Dunno what should I expect from this update sad 
Oh, I haven't seen those mobs, so idk. Where can I see them?
Rokugatsu|2014-07-31 16:44:53Oh, I haven't seen those mobs, so idk. Where can I see them?
Beta, but hey guess what? Not everybody has the time for beta.

not even me, so yay, haven't seem them either. 

Yeah, they don't seems catchable :/ The higher the lvl, the less mobs we can capture...
Darn why does my least favorite class's world have to be on my birthday? Must be fate. ohmy
One of the mobs I found to be capturable. It's a level 155 large spider looking pet that does considerable damage (more than any thus far) and has a spell to instantly teleport to the enemy (with a cooldown) in a long linear AoE or cross of one around it. It can also fling enemies back three cells behind the summon. The drawback is it only has 3 MP. I'll throw a summoner's highlight here later once I get back from work.

Sabi|2014-07-31 14:12:021 new dungeons for level 160-170
Does this mean another level cap raise? because if the min level is 160, aint no one going in.
Yay for new epic areas people with no time to grind to lv 160 can't enterrr \o/

Or is it actually accessible for people below that level too? In that case, it would be great. It looks really nice just like Srambad. Sorry for the attittude. I just hope this isn't another step towards creating a pure grindy environment on Wakfu (first the higher levels that get no XP from lower level things, then the level requirements for areas, and now lower levels can't join the higher levels in dungeons either because of the required level. A lot harder to play together now or combine your actual life with an online game).

Sad kisses,

PS: Oh yay I'm a Teethless Sharkie now xD
*Gnaws with gums*
Hush mentioned the level cap will be raised to 160 and the minimum level to enter Enurado is 145.
As promised, here's a Summoner Showcase for the level 155 summon from Enurado, Kamarachnid. It's a segment from my six hour stream from one or two weeks ago.

Using it efficiently requires some strategy since they can easily fling the enemy away from the other's MP range. You want to summon the first one near where the second one will fling the target to. The latest summon you put out will always go right after you (a.k.a. the second summoned Kamarachnid). Use this to influence where you want the enemy to go.

I didn't really demonstrate that much in the stream at the time. A bit of an Osamodas summoner noob to say the least!

• Mango
Wow, that summon looks awesome biggrin Thanks for showing!
Asthis|2014-07-31 19:22:54Hush mentioned the level cap will be raised to 160 and the minimum level to enter Enurado is 145.
i cant seem to get there on beta. whats the deal?
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