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Contest Results: Gobbstock Celebration

By [Sabi] - ADMINISTRATOR - July 25, 2014, 22:00:00
During the Gobbstock celebration, every corner of the World of Twelve trembled under the vibrations of musical notes and high pitched troubadour songs wanting more attention... Discover today the 3 group winners of our Gobbstock Contest Celebration!
Gobbstock in full effect!

And without any further ado here are our winners! Drum roll...

1st Place

The Piwitles


The Piwitles are a Pop music group, they can rock you like a crackler, or make you dance like a Castupod, but don't worry, awaken or asleep you will have the time of your life. Singing and dancing like little Piwis, they will grab your attention and make you encore. But, why "The Piwitles"? Because there is nothing more cute and graceful as one Piwi, can you imagine six Piwis?




  • "Odanutrof - Oda": A rich Enutrof begun by being a promoter. Tired to be only rich, he creates a band to be as famous as he can.
  • "Lukain - Luk": This Osamodas is known by taming his summon by music, using music to mesmerize, the monsters don't have scape to his Gobgob.
  • "Oto-Sama - Oto": Luk's best friend and the younger matte in this band, melting the fangirls' hearts, this boy will have a big future if not caught by marriage.
  • "Khons - That Iop": Proving all are wrong, this Iop shows how to rock everyone in a concert, his musical notes will do anything but hurt your ears.
  • "Sahrita - Cocoa": This red hair Cra will seduce you with delightful music, dance and curves. Do you know Cupid? She will hit your heart as fast as she can aim a target.
  • "Angelineh - Starly": The group's little flower. This sweet Eniripsa will mend any bad musical experience you had. She was born to be brighter then a Meridian Star.

2nd Place

Tenacious Flea


Some scruffy cats who like to rock out with some itchy tunes




  • Gluttony, Voracious Vocalist - Eats everything in sight, its a wonder how she fits in time to sing!
  • Meier, Katastrophic - This kitty's no pussy
  • Ichie, Tayroar Swift - Always paws swiftly on her Sufokian Xylophones
  • Rumple, Lady MyaMya - This kitty shreds all kinds of things, especially the ivory keys
  • Clog, Clawgums - You'll love the sounds of this kitty's horn, just hope he doesn't have a furball
  • Kurisu Maki, Purrrr the Bass - This cool cat will have the groupies puuring


3rd Place

Rainbow Princess of the Melancholy Waves


Jazz soloist group of a lone Cra known as Princess Kairi, whom visits abandoned places to play her solemn songs. One of her main attractions is the strong contrast of her bright attire combined with her depressing songs of love, which she conveys using her harp and voice. Princess Kairi's main audience consists of monsters and hoodlums for the most part, but she has recently picked up the interest of a Sacrier known as Kaliga. Princess Kairi's recent performance among the monster community is: "Arachnee Embroiderer of the Forbidden Love," and was an instant hit especially among the Arachnee Embroiderers from which it was named after. 


  • Princess Kairi - Soloist singer and harp player
  • Kaliga - Fan

Congratulation to all the winners! Your prizes will be given within the next 2 weeks, with also the titles at the next patch, and thank you everyone for your participation, you have made it not easy for us to choose.

For more information on the original contest: Click here.

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Score : 2236
YAY, gz to us!!! I love this feeling, i hope now they can answer my tickets, 80 days without answers... T.T
Score : 8504
Woot woot, hooray for Tenacious Flea wub

Grats to the others!
Score : 314
grats everyone smile
Score : 4296
I wonder if there were only three entries since my entry was able to win, lol. XD Well kudos to everyone. I honestly just wanted that title of the band so the place didn't matter much to me. XD
Score : 4296
I might just make a slight comic based on this character since I managed to place nonetheless...
Score : 4355
huzzah biggrin tenacious flea ftw
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Congratz Oda biggrin by Remington
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Congrats Kaliga and princess Kairi!!! biggrin
Score : 2236
Thanks guys, i love u all
Score : 4296
Um, when will we be getting the prizes? It's been almost four weeks since this was announced... will we get it during the September update?
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