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Event: XP and Kama Bonus Weekend!

By [Sabi] - ADMINISTRATOR - July 23, 2014, 17:00:00
Is the weather too hot? Are you in need of cooling? We have just the thing for you! Next Monday, the Meridia Nobozil will give the World of Twelve the joy of its cooling breath... Until then, enjoy a weekend with an XP and Kamas bonus on dungeons which are not protected from the wind!
Starting Saturday 26th of July (00:01 AM server time) until Sunday 27th of July (11:59 PM server time), benefit from a +50% XP bonus and a +100% Kama bonus, in the following dungeons:
  • The Whirlway Station
  • The Zeppelantern (all nations)
  • Whisper Crisper
  • Crackapult Range
  • The Rock
  • Hushquarters

A tip for this weekend: Make sure to keep breathing so that these dungeons do not to leave you breathless!
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ty sabi ^^ we need more vents like this one. Maybe one at bilbiza sometime
Score : 223
Time to stock up on whispy keys! laugh 
Score : 2237
Nice events, when will come a big event to answers tickets? And give our items back after almost 3 months?
Score : 161
I love this idea! Rotating bonuses for dungeons every other weekend or so would be great. But yeah tickets would be cool too biggrin
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in germany is the weekend 3 days Oo

friday, saturday and sunday
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well guess this leaves me out sad i'm level restricted sad
Score : 180
Wow ..this company keeps churning awesome things.

* Half the players can't sub or buy anything on the cashshop.The problem is on your on end not the players
* Level Capping dungeons, level restrictions.
* An event where Most of it benefits higher lvl players. The event is not evenly spread out to benefit all players regardless of level.
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What is about?
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