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World Cup: Win Almokens Results

By [Sabi] - ADMINISTRATOR - July 15, 2014, 21:00:00
The World Cup ended in triumph with a German victory: congratulation to them! But not only the German players will be rewarded with this event... Here is a resume of the rewards.
Congratulation to Germany!
The World Cup is over and as promised, here is the total of Almokens which the players of the concerned countries will receive thanks to their national team! 

But first, a quick reminder of the rules... We will give 1 Almoken for each player whose national team was qualified by winning starting on the 8th round. 5 Almokens will be given to the 2 finalists, and 10 Almokens with a Gobbowler set to the players from the country who wins the cup.

Here are the results:
  • Germany: 17 Almokens + Gobbowler set
  • Argentina: 7 Almokens
  • Brazil: 2 Almokens
  • Netherlands: 2 Almokens
  • Colombia: 1 Almoken
  • Costa Rica: 1 Almoken
  • France: 1 Almoken
  • Belgium: 1 Almoken

These rewards will be sent to the accounts of the players of the concerned countries, which we will come back to you to give you more information in a comment on this news.

What is the best memory that you are keeping from this 2014 World Cup?
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best memory....1-5, 23 minutes into the match...that is all

other than that I kinda wish that neat set wasn't something that would only grace the winners of a ceremonial sport that is only player every 4 years... Four years.... christ, Ankama lost a real jump in at some money by not just selling those sets/costumes in the boutique during the world cup instead. who cares about almokens.... but congrats to the "winners" of this...whatever this was.
Aha, I didn't get anything of these items? Why? Germany won the WC so where are the promised tokens? biggrin
I think it's safe to say that english players are never going to get a reward from football related events. smile 
I think it is like playing wakfu, we enjoyed the process of watch and not care too much which is the champion, champion changes every now and then, buf the fun of football is just as real as wakfu
Sabi|2014-07-15 21:00:00What is the best memory that you are keeping from this 2014 World Cup?
Manuel Neuer, Goalkeeper and one-man-defence in the game versus Algeria.
Screaming "You shall not pass!", at least once in my imagination.
1-5 on the first match for netherlands against spain xD it was so painfull for spain
wtb Gobbowler set :c
Got my hopes up when I saw the title.

My best memory is getting no almokens, yet FOR SOME REASON they saw the need to advertise here.
When will we get our Almokens and Gobbowler sets?
I'm still amazed they didn't put any Gobbowler sets or something for sale during the World Cup. For how money hungry Ankama is, it was a prime opportunity to make some nice sales and make people feel in the spirit.
"1-5 on the first match for netherlands against spain xD it was so painfull for spain"

I have no good memories of it at all! I'm English...
well I'm not surprised, that the gobbowler set is total trash
anyway thx for the free almoken
I love germany Soccer
Still didn't get any of these, but oh well better get used to it!
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