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WAKFU Game Model Change FAQ

By [Sabi] - ADMINISTRATOR - June 27, 2014, 20:58:28
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Hi everyone,

With a new era starting for WAKFU on the 10th of July with an introduction period to the new business model change to F2P and an official release on July 24th, we wanted to compile and share information based on many of the questions already asked by the community and more.

Also any feedback you may have or if you simply want to participate in the discussion, you may do so by using the following threads:

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Maintenance official Schedule for the Start of the Introduction period (Open Beta).

So without any ado may I present to you our WAKFU Game Model Change FAQ:

Why WAKFU won’t be subscription based anymore?

WAKFU won’t be subscription based for the international community anymore because the game is expanding internationally, and we believe that the new model suits better to current gaming habits that are common to most countries. Which was also something brought to us by the players.

Now that the game is subscription free, is the game becoming a Free to Play?

Yes, this is a model change from the current one in order to fit the current F2P models that you may be already familiar with, which are present internationally on many games. We will be adapting the current model to make the game more accessible to all players, and to provide simple benefits and convenience to players with Booster packs.

What will happen to my subscription time?

Your subscription time will be converted automatically into Booster Pack time.

For example, if you have 24 days of Subscription left on July 10th, you will be credited with 24 days of Booster time.

What rewards do you offer for your loyal subscriber players prior to the change?

We surely haven't forgot about them as they have helped us build what WAKFU is today therefore we are also giving them reward packs, as our thank you based on the accumulated active subscription days prior to the 9th of July 2014, which can be consulted in their dedicated news: here.

Will Booster pack work on all servers?

No, Booster packs will be linked to a server. If you purchase it from the game, it will automatically be credited on the server you are currently logged on. If you purchase it on the website, you will be asked which server you want to link it to.

Booster Pack will also not be available as gift to a friend but will be stackable with no limitations.

What happens if I purchase 7 days Booster, and 30 days before the 7 days run out? Which bonus will I have?

The highest bonus is always consumed first. In this case, the 30 days bonus would take over as soon as you complete the purchase, and the time left of your 7 days bonus will only be consumed after your 30 days bonus.

Will I be able to play with friends without Booster?

Of course, players will now have access to the entire game and most of its features without need of a Booster. Groups, trades, chats… All will be available to everyone.

How will the game be monetized?

Players will be able to purchase Ogrines, WAKFU’s virtual currency, and use them to get services, items and Booster Packs.

Will the item shop change? If so, what are the changes?

The item shop will be updated. There will be new categories, consumables, services, and of course Booster packs. All the current categories (cosmetic, housing, equipment…) will remain available.

And what about existing accounts?

Your existing account will be bound to the same restrictions, we are actually looking into increasing the access to certain servers, so no extra restrictions will be added to the communities. For existing accounts that are on Dathura, we will not force any international players from that server to have to change server, they will have the choice to either stay on Dathura on the current model or move to a different server on the new business model. Therefore giving them complete freedom to choose.

Will the game have character slot restrictions?

All players will be able to benefit from 5 slots.

Does the level mechanics will change (level cap, experience)?

No the game mechanics won’t change. The max level is 150 and will evolve regularly according to new end game extensions. The way characters get experience remains the same.

Will Booster packs cost the same as subscriptions?

No, prices have been reviewed in a beneficial way for the community. Here are the prices offered to the community:

  • 7 Days: 1,200 Ogrines
  • 30 Days: 3,000 Ogrines
  • 90 Days: 8,100 Ogrines.

Extra benefits available from purchasing the booster packs are as followed:

  • Players who purchase the 30 Day (or more) booster pack will have exclusive access to the latest area/update content until the next update, the new content will then be accessible to all. All game features will remain accessible to all players regardless of status.
  • Players that acquire the 30 and 90 days Booster Pack will receive a special and awesome Mystery box!

If I have 30 days Booster, does that mean I will get 30% more XP than what I was getting on the previous model?

No. The experience curve has been reviewed to balance it with the experience of the previous model. In other words, it is the experience granted to free members that will be lowered. Receiving 30% experience bonus will put you on equal grounds with the experience rate of the previous model.

What exactly will this model offer more to free players, compared to the previous one?

Everything! All players have full access to all areas, they can fight all monsters, participate in PvP, level up all the way to the max level, and access all the unique WAKFU features such as economy, ecosystem, craft and politics.

Regarding Politics, everybody can earn citizenship points and be elected, but only players with Booster packs can vote. Basically the only features that will not be available to free players are the followings:

  • Account chest
  • Reroll XP bonus
  • Voting for Governor

Will there be class changes?

The class changes will not happen specifically at the moment when the game will evolve. There are regular changes and evolutions of the classes that take place during game’s updates.

Overall, the game remains the same, with its unique core features (politics, ecosystem management, economy, tactical turn-based combats…).

Will the game storyline remain the same?

Yes, the global storyline remains the same, and players will have to complete many quests, achievements and actions to become more powerful and discover the WAKFU back story.

tapServer Specific Q&Atap

Will I be able to play on the same server as the new accounts created after the change?

If you’re already playing WAKFU, you’ll automatically benefit from the new model on your server, and play with other players. There will be only one model per server.

Do I have to change server?

WAKFU will be going through a series of changes in the upcoming weeks. These changes will be applied on a server-by-server basis. Some will receive them, others won’t. We want to make sure to correctly match each community with its server, to avoid any future problems and keep it as clear as possible to newcomers. Depending on which characters you have on which servers, we may need to operate a few changes on your account.

Does that mean you will transfer my characters?

We will not be transferring any characters between servers. Such service may be offered in a short future however. Since all International servers will receive the same changes, no such transfers should be needed.

Note that the option explained bellow will allow you to keep accessing your Dathura characters right away, by transferring them to a new account. However, we will not offer any more transfer between accounts after this operation. If you wish to keep your Dathura characters on your main account to transfer them later to another server, we would advise you to not proceed with the character migration plan explained bellow.

I play on Dathura, and this server will remain on the Subscription model, what will happen to my character?

If you want to keep playing your characters right away, on Dathura, we will offer you to either change your community to FR, or create a new FR account on which we will transfer your Dathura characters, based on the three following possibilities:

Your Ankama account also has a DOFUS account: We will create a new FR account and transfer your Dathura characters on it. Your DOFUS characters will remain on your former Ankama account.

our Ankama account has characters on Dathura AND another server: We will create a new FR account and transfer your Dathura characters on it. Your other characters will remain on your former Ankama account and their former server.

Your Ankama account only has characters on Dathura: We will automatically change the community of this account to FR.

How do I make this change?

On July 10th, if you have characters on Dathura, you will no longer be able to access them. To log into Dathura again, you’ll first need to fill up a form available on our website (click here). Once done, we will create a brand new account and transfer the Dathura characters to this one.

This change will be automatic and immediate once the form is completed, you will not have to wait.

*Click here for the form*

Until when will I be able to unlock my Dathura characters?

The form will be available until the end of the Open Beta, starting from July 10th. Once the limit date is passed, you will no longer be able to access Dathura. Your character will remain stored on the account for you to be able to get them back, once a proper transfer service is implemented.

What does changing the community of my account imply?

For you, almost nothing. You will still be able to visit our website in any language. You will however only be able to log into FR servers (Dathura or Aerafal). Also, to purchase subscription on your new FR account, we will invite you to use the French website. The International ones will no longer offer subscriptions for the French servers.

Why do you need to create a new account?

Changing the community of an account can have many backend implications on our side. The community is linked to the overall Ankama account and not to the game account. Changing your Community on WAKFU will also change your community on DOFUS for example. To make sure not to block anyone who plays on both DOFUS and WAKFU, we think that creating a fresh new account will be the best solution. Same goes for existing characters on another WAKFU server, if we simply change the community, you will automatically be blocked on either one server or the other, and no longer be able to access your characters. Creating a new account will allow you to do that.

Note again that this change will only happen if you also played DOFUS on your account or if you have existing characters on Remington, Nox or Elbor.

How can I know my community?

Each server is only available to specific Communities. While your account panel doesn’t allow you to see your community, you can find it out by trying to access specific servers.

Here’s a list of communities and the servers they have access to once the model change is implemented. You should be able to find your Community by simply finding out which servers you can log into, and which ones you can’t.

  • FR: Aerafal – Dathura
  • EN: Remington - Nox
  • NA: Nox – Remington
  • ES: Elbor – Remington
  • PT: Efrim – Remington
  • IT: Remington
  • DE: Amara – Remington

*Updated: 10/07/14