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World Cup: Win Almokens!

By [Sabi] - ADMINISTRATOR - June 12, 2014, 16:00:00
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Good for me!

Go Brazil!
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I live in England so... I'm doomed
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Let's all have a good time with this! biggrin
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*faceplam** Russia
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Brazil already won the cup ^^'
Hi everyone,

As promised and as the 8th round is approaching, here are the first qualified teams:

  • Brazil vs Chile (28/06)
  • Colombia vs Uruguay (28/06)
  • Netherlands vs Mexico (29/06)
  • Costa Rica vs Greece (29/06)
  • France vs Nigeria (30/06)
  • Argentina vs Switzerland (01/07)

There are still 4 countries to be qualified, therefore we will come back with more information and an updated list tomorrow. We will be starting the Almoken distribution starting Monday! smile 
Hi everyone,

Here is the update on where we currently are:

  • Brazil: 1
  • Colombia: 1
  • Netherlands: 1
  • Costa Rica: 1

The following are still pending:

  • France vs Nigeria (30/06)
  • Germany vs Algeria (30/06)
  • Argentina vs Switzerland (01/07)
  • Belgium vs USA (01/07)

So stay tuned!
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I really really hope Canada wins a game in there. Maybe they'll be the winners between Germany vs Algeria. wacko 
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Germany and France have won.
Can´t wait to see the game beetwen these two on friday. (pls, let germany win)^^
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Germany is in the final biggrin 
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... and wins the fourth title.

I'm curious how the costume will look like.
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And I am Curios if Amara will get the prize . Or maybe they forgot it sleep 
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The GCA (Gobbaler Club Amara) and all german Players says thx for the Almokens an the Sets. wink

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Oh shit i late QQ
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