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Boutique: Plant Cawwot Day Promotion!

By [Sabi] - ADMINISTRATOR - June 09, 2014, 16:00:00
Their origins are obscure and yet, since the dawn of time, Wabbits persist in perpetuating their tradition. Tradition at least strange that pushes them to plant Cawwots with an intense frenzy. For those who do not wish to spend their day in a garden, you can rest assured: the Plant-Cawwot Day celebration is also an opportunity to enjoy new deals!

Come on... Say it... You secretly dream of having a little fluffy tail, long cute teeth and a pair of ears so cute it would make any Ratou blush with envy, right? Do not bother to deny it! After all, we all have our little secrets...
From June 9th to the 10th until 10:59 PM GMT / 6:59 PM EST / 3:59 PM PST, enjoy a limited time Wabbit Costume offer! This beautiful costume will be yours for 1,200 Ogrines (and will not be tradable). This is happiness at your fingertips... In addition to any purchased Wabbit Costume, receive a Wabbit Stuffed Toy Free!
And for our Wabbit fans: during these two days, they will receive a 50% discount on the Wabbit Haven Bag Kit!
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...or, you know, you could just do all the environmental quests in Wabbit Island.

Come on, Ankama. I'm sure the patience of many is running thin. I'm also well aware the artists need something to do while the programmers are busy fixing things up, but this isn't even a new costume, it's just selling something that's already available.
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I guess if you're too arsed to do environmental quests and you have ogrines to spend.
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not only can you do the achievement for this.. but the one you get from it is trad-able... I dont understand why they did the wabbit when they should of done black wabbit. I mean people would be angry because it wasnt limited... but at least you cant get that one in game.
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arent there like half a dozen unobtainable costumes still out there? :l

is there some sort of recolour, or does it give an aura we dont know about?
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Soundtrack8|2014-06-09 18:51:33
arent there like half a dozen unobtainable costumes still out there? :l

is there some sort of recolour, or does it give an aura we dont know about?
there are a ton of unobtainable costumes. It doesnt give an aura.
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I'm curious what that Well Tailored Costume looks like that was meant for the Armistice Day event that never happened.
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This doesn't really feel like a cause for celebration.
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When are you gonna fix it on masqueraiders
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Only good part of this is the 50% a Wabbit Haven Bag Kit. Pity you don;t get a free Wabbit toy with that as well.

Another sad joke from Ankama, when it comes to that costume though. Just do Wabbit Island quests if you want it, and guess what? You can trade it, too!
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Untradable costumes for ogrines? Hahahahaha. Haha. NOPE.
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pfff what a joke
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