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Event: Profession Day

By [Sabi] - ADMINISTRATOR - April 29, 2014, 12:00:00
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"Lazy ones?" Really...? You have the gall to chastise people for not wanting to level up the horrendous crafting in this game?
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Chronotorious|2014-05-02 04:52:49
"Lazy ones?" Really...? You have the gall to chastise people for not wanting to level up the horrendous crafting in this game?
Gall? I don't think so. Many are too lazy to want to level them. I have been known to be a very lazy person myself and I don't take it as an insult. Just who I am.

As far as horrendous, I think is a bit off. You may not enjoy it, but I guarantee there are many that do. Personally I don't mind it and do gathering when there are none to party with. I also just got some new guildies and one of them loves to do the professions. So this must be amazing for her and I hope she's taking advantage of it.

Those who take the time to get through the levels are decently rewarded as well. From the Seal of Companionship, to the Weapon/Armor Seals for legendary crafts. Not to mention high level crafters are the ones who make the amazing Apprentice/Innitiate/Sage/Ocushu/Tormentor sets. Along with that they have been adding many AP weapons. Bags to use and Ikiakits. To top it off fun decoration items for your Haven Bag/World.

- Kat
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IMO, it's not fair to say that people are "too lazy" to level crafting, when the devs themselves have acknowledged how convoluted the system is. They're even working on a crafting revamp from the ground up. That has to say something.

It also begs the question: why are they calling non-crafters lazy? Are there that many people who don't craft? Surely, not every non-crafter is lazy...

Considering the above: I don't feel insulted as much as I feel that calling non-crafters "lazy" is an unjustified cheap shot. I could call Ankama lazy for not fixing the bugs they've ignored for years (literally). But I'm willing to give them the benefit of the doubt, that they have more important matters to attend to.

The point I'm trying to make here is: there's a difference between being "lazy" and having other priorities. Just because I'm not crafting, it doesn't mean I'm not busting my ass doing something else.

As far as my choice of the word horrendous goes... it's just semantics. Certainly, what's bad for me might be good for someone else. It's all relative. But I didn't presume to speak for everyone in my previous comment smile


TLbiggrinR: Ankama shouldn't call people lazy, when, by their own admission, the crafting system is convoluted and in need of a revamp. If you require "proof" of admission, I direct your attention here:

-- Key Points --
> revamp has been "a long time coming, but not an easy task, because of how the current system is a pile of layers, one on top of another"
> desire to rebuild on "healthy strong foundations"
> desire to do away with "gathering thousands of resources to craft 500 of the same recipe, while you afk for the 2 1/2 hours it would take to complete them"

apparently you can't post links... lets try again:
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Well, I wouldn't call it laziness in some people's cases so much as disinterest in having to grind ridiculous recipes for little xp (before revamps, though even after revamps chef is still getting shafted. they think the new crafting revamp will change that, but somehow I doubt the stupidity of it will change.)

However, I do know that, by the very admission of some players I've spoken to that have come to me for crafting... it IS laziness in some people's cases. They straight up say "Nah, I'm too lazy" when I ask why they don't level it themselves?

I have 2 level 100 crafts, three that are in the 30-60 range, and the rest are 25+. I have all gathering at 100, and have embraced my Seal of Companionship for like ... a year or so, really. And this is me.. who barely has time for anything, between college and work and daily life tasks. Yet I still find time to level these things, albeit slower than some, and still have at least 6 level 100+ characters (one being 134, almost 135)...

I mean, it IS laziness in some people's cases.... but it is also the fact that the current system does suck a considerable amount.

However, the people that have pushed forward regardless, working hard to get these crafting levels... I just don't think revamping things is fair. It's kind of like how I didn't think releasing the Tofu in the Boutique was fair, since it was listed as an Exclusive Launch Item for those that went through the Beta-to-Launch phase. But hey, I get yelled at all of the time for opinions lol... calling someone lazy is just icing on top of a very opinionated cake on this site.
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Just because some people are incredibly patient enough to live through Wakfu's crafting system does not make it a reason to keep it like that for every other player. This is a different case to exclusive items. I don't think ANYONE (except for those random few weird people) will complain if they updated the crafting system to be more bearable.
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Crafting takes a LOT of resources and a LOT of time. As somebody who has the Seal of Companionship and most crafts in the 80-100's, it is very time consuming. I even used a Mea Culpa to help get many levels in crafting, and it's still ridiculously time consuming. It's not about laziness, it's about having enough time to do it. Most people don't have time to level their chars and grind for gear while also gathering and crafting.
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carfting is very hard. very very hard... very very very time consuming
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