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Tofinder: Ankama Launches In-Game Online Dating!

By [Sabi] - ADMINISTRATOR - April 01, 2014, 09:00:00
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Wow, for moment I thought what a big mistake this is, but then I looked at the date. Almost got me Ankama, almost got me... GG
April Fooled :
oh it not...too bad XD
Nice April Fools gag tongue
The funny thing is they always make something that would make their games more interesting a April Fool's joke, lol. XD
instead of thinking about the jokes. There are a lot of people who can not connect to the server remminton, thanks ^^
for a moment i thought you were releasing a group finder...
Love it, I must have this app!
This is probably a joke... but didnt ankama acquire a mobile company or at least is in contract with one? i thought it was for the crafting revamp but.... honestly i wouldnt put this pass them.
Very interesting idea, but what about those players who don't have cell phones?

Hehe good to see so well-played pranks every year, really tricked you, before realising when i saw the ' locate other players connected to the application within a radius of 80 km / 50 Mi' was like wtf? they made that stuff legal now? XD
"Jokes on you, it's real"

hmm not think least not the location functionality, there is no (legal or financialy affordable) way to do it
Reminds me of the show Betas. Definitely worth a watch.
I'm happy Sabi at least didn't Ankama-boxed me with the message: "Here is Black Wabbit Costume for you, for free. As a reward for loving this costume so much and making other people possible to get it".
That would have broke my heart.

Joke aside, I find their joke last year more original. It fooled a lot of people and it was a very interesting idea if it was possible.
Oh I thought it was real, scratch my previous comment. sleep

Hahaha cute smile 
this is pretty cool and cute!
looking forward it
Aw man, someone got to Ogrest before me? :/

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