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Tofinder: Ankama Launches In-Game Online Dating!

By [Sabi] - ADMINISTRATOR - April 01, 2014, 09:00:00
What if your soul mate was only a few maps away from your Iop? And what if your upstairs neighbor was also going in the same adventures in the World of Twelve without you knowing it? With the Tofinder application, Ankama is about to strike a blow in the world of dating applications, and you'll be the first to enjoy it!

Available during 2015 on Smartphones, the Tofinder application will locate other players connected to the application, not only in the real world within a radius of 80 km / 50 Mi, but above all in the World of Twelve!
Indeed, it is adventurers who will be linked to each other through their character, their level, their success, their achievements and their affinities. You will be able to see the dungeons completed and what remains to be done by your contact, or items that she or he may intend to sell or search for. Meet in-game with one click! And why not in real life after that...?

The connection to the application require a Facebook account and you will need to like the page of your favorite MMORPG to fully benefit from Tofinder: the algorithm comparison of the profiles will be based in particular on the study of social graph and the "likes" of people to offer compatible profiles.
But the big news, to get even a better match of adventurers profiles, is the fact that the application also connects to your Ankama account, taking into account your characteristics, statistics, your inventory and your link to a guild or alliance.
The greatest heroes of the Krosmoz have already met on Tofinder:

In a few months, you may also create your own legend with the love of your life...

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can the love of my life be sabi?

I'll answer for you

Score : 317
Seriously... we're getting a dating app? I guess Wakfu is really a "second life" :X

Nice April Fools Joke tho :XD
Score : 323
O_O wow this sounds kinda creepy but also cool… i dunnoooooooo
Score : 3054
Wow now I can truly find the girl of my dreams who has done all the same dungeons I have and has the exact same amount of dried dung in their inventory as me
Score : 668
Nice try.
Score : 4091
Nice April Fools, I see a lot of loopholes in this one, your previous april fools about the Baby system caught a nice amount of people.

Fool me once shame on you
Fool me twice shame on me.
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lol alright at least they put some effort into the joke....IF this was for real though id be going....yet another reason to avoid Facebook....
Score : 172
Hahahahahaha This was a good laugh!
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I already have a Wakfu Love. D:
It's called kama.
I'm sorry, Zero.
Score : 1098
FeldePard|2014-04-01 09:29:24
I already have a Wakfu Love. D:
It's called kama.
I'm sorry, Zero.
I'm sorry, who are you again?
Score : 17769
GASP! Sleepin' on the couch, I guess.
Score : 323
oh man, they totally got me for a second until i realized what day it was and came back here lol.
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Is there an option to search player by the class? I only date other Enis.
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1 apriltongue
Score : 4957
I didnt believe that baby joke of last year but this time you got me. biggrin I must look date before read website next year.
Score : 743
LOLOL nice1
Score : 230
Score : 68
Hehe.... Happy April Fool's Day! XD
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