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BOUTIQUE: Foggernaut Bedroom Set

By [Sabi] - ADMINISTRATOR - March 22, 2014, 02:00:00
Starting Tuesday, March 18th, you can complete your Foggernaut look by welcoming the Protoflex! And what about using this occasion to redecorate your Haven Bag with a totally technomage style? Discover the Foggernaut Bedroom set for only 900 ogrines!

Are you counting the days that separate you from the arrival of the Protoflex? Are you impatient to soon control his dual element gameplay? Does your Foggernaut longs for his future Sidekick? No doubt, you have the soul of a real Terminator, and for you, decorating is above all a story of gears and mechanics. Luckily, we have prepared for you a pack of 10 Foggernaut items to create your perfect geared bedroom.
The Foggernaut Bedroom set includes :


Get these items for 900 Ogrines instead of 1,200!
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