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WAKFU Two Years Anniversary: Open Your Gifts!

By [Sabi] - ADMINISTRATOR - February 27, 2014, 16:00:00
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I was playing at beta but no survivor and other things to me because i created a new account because was not sure about first accounts some things,it was so old.sad But thanks for double xp, i was just waiting fairyworks...

Edit: Hey Sabi if i prove you i played at beta with showing you both my old and new account in game, can i get my survivor and pioner things at this account? I am not using old account and everything stays there alone... biggrin 
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Mea culpas to celebrate this fine event yes/yes?
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I still kinda don't get it. Does it count current subscription or what? i still haven't got my survivor things despite being cbt player and my ticket on this case was dumbpostaponed and its quite old now and dusty.

Soooo, does it count current running sub or woot? if I had day or two break before this 3 month sub and last 3 month sub will it count 6 months sub or just 3?
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Double XP? Awesome! YESSSSSSS
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Hey Sabi,

Will this double EXP stack with a Mea Cup?

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well i guess i wont have any issues leveling my alts... all this times xp... watch out lv 140 here comes my foggernaut biggrin
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Wouldnt it be better to give a Mea Culpa or something like that? Some of us cant play on weekends...
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Wow its been 2 years huh

I love you guys

~ Aquabeauty
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i have no friend, but fun
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So if I have an X3 multiplier on a character, and a MEA, and this weekend would a mob that normally gives me 1million xp now give me 12 million? 1mil*2(for the MEA)*2(for the birthday)*3(for the 3rd lowest character on my account)
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I'm just glad to finally get my pioneer outfit back... since it mysteriously disappeared along with my kwismas set over a year ago with not a peep... >.> .... but I have a feeling I'm going to have to send a ticket because I just have this feeling nothing will grant correctly lol. I have the title and emotes already from the launch ... but the outfit.. grah...

Thank you for the double xp weekend, but I'd like some clarification on how it stacks, please. Does it stack with Mea? Does it stack with the x2 and x3 of the lower account characters, etc? Please clarify. smile Thanks!
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I'm also curious about the multipliers stacking.

But my actual question is this: Will the double xp apply to gathering and/or crafting professions?

Thanks for any response.
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no it will not its combat xp not crafting xp
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Oh, right. Missed that word when I read it the first time. Thanks. Also... sad 
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Yay for double exp, I might actually sit down and grind something this weekend, level the team up.
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Yay x2 EXP now I can finally motivate my friend to level his cra so he can start wearing White Crow Set and do UB's with meh :3
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Awww yisssss xp!
Two years, huh? Right on. smile 
Happy Birthday WAKFU!

Thank you everyone for you continuous support in the last two years of WAKFU and beyond (Beta) during all the ups and downs and helping us make WAKFU what it is today.

I have so many great memories that I can't believe it's been 2 years already.

To answer your questions about the combat xp stackable this weekend: Yes, it does stack with Mea Culpa and the experience bonus for secondary characters.

So get in-game because it has already started for Remington! Nox will start next at 3:00 PM PST / 6:00 PM EST / 11:00 PM GMT! biggrin 
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exp + for server amara to ?
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