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POLL: Vote for Your Favorite 2 New Relics Auras

By [Sabi] - ADMINISTRATOR - February 26, 2014, 16:00:00
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The firefly aura has some Final Fantasy X nostalgia in it [to me, anyway].

As for the second choice, undecided.
4 and 5
i would have liked to be able to have the Wakfu/Stasis Auras as options but fireflies is awesome too!
1.purple cloud-indigo spirals for Dark Vlad's Epaulette
AHHHH I can't decide between this 2, both look awesome!! because I always want some relic with evil aura biggrin

2. Cactus Flower for Harry's Boot
yes please it look AWESOME for sadida,always adore anything blooming or relate to flowers :B
i picked indigo spirals because it looked nice and dark vlad relic wouldn't be that bad with those... i then picked pestilence because idk what the deal is with harrys boots and if they drop off the fungus mobs with like the plague story of the island i feel a relic with something like that would be cool... idk just speaking my mind i guess.
I love 4 and 5. :3
Then since I have to vote for two, number 5.
Sandy Whirlwind for the boots and fireflies at night for the Dark Vlad's Flamboyant Epaulettes!

Go 4 & 6!

For Justice!!
I quite like 4 and 5.

I remember crafting my Harry Boots for my Sac back in the day.. it was horrible, however I've never heard of the epaulettes before.. HARDLY A RELIC!
I really like 2 and 4!!
1. Purple Cloud
2. Cactus Flowers

1 & 4
4 is gonna win so 4
It probably would've helped if we had more information on the relics first. I probably would've picked Pestilential fog if I had known before that Harry Boots are supposed to be mad nasty (or so I'm told).
Can't wait biggrin 
Whirlwind is nice biggrin 
Indigo Spirals and Sandy Whirlwind
4) Fireflies at Night and 5) Cactus Flowers