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POLL: Vote for Your Favorite 2 New Relics Auras

By [Sabi] - ADMINISTRATOR - February 26, 2014, 16:00:00
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Score : 1928
The firefly aura has some Final Fantasy X nostalgia in it [to me, anyway].

As for the second choice, undecided.
Score : 761
4 and 5
Score : 210
i would have liked to be able to have the Wakfu/Stasis Auras as options but fireflies is awesome too!
Score : 3029
1.purple cloud-indigo spirals for Dark Vlad's Epaulette
AHHHH I can't decide between this 2, both look awesome!! because I always want some relic with evil aura biggrin

2. Cactus Flower for Harry's Boot
yes please it look AWESOME for sadida,always adore anything blooming or relate to flowers :B
Score : 11938
i picked indigo spirals because it looked nice and dark vlad relic wouldn't be that bad with those... i then picked pestilence because idk what the deal is with harrys boots and if they drop off the fungus mobs with like the plague story of the island i feel a relic with something like that would be cool... idk just speaking my mind i guess.
Score : 9062
I love 4 and 5. :3
Score : 170
Then since I have to vote for two, number 5.
Score : 9
Sandy Whirlwind for the boots and fireflies at night for the Dark Vlad's Flamboyant Epaulettes!

Go 4 & 6!

For Justice!!
Score : 3046
I quite like 4 and 5.

I remember crafting my Harry Boots for my Sac back in the day.. it was horrible, however I've never heard of the epaulettes before.. HARDLY A RELIC!
Score : 54
Score : 77
I really like 2 and 4!!
Score : 505
1. Purple Cloud
2. Cactus Flowers

Score : 8499
1 & 4
Score : 227
4 is gonna win so 4
Score : 434
It probably would've helped if we had more information on the relics first. I probably would've picked Pestilential fog if I had known before that Harry Boots are supposed to be mad nasty (or so I'm told).
Score : 6668
Score : 5221
Can't wait biggrin 
Score : 4779
Whirlwind is nice biggrin 
Score : 272
Indigo Spirals and Sandy Whirlwind
Score : 1984
4) Fireflies at Night and 5) Cactus Flowers