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WAKFU Animated Series: New Kickstarter Goal Challenge!

By [Sabi] - ADMINISTRATOR - February 08, 2014, 16:42:18
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"But as the wonder and amazement of your support sunk in, he proclaimed that it is our turn to show you how much we believe" So... Improve the Dofus and Wakfu support system and iron out bugs pmbefore release like you're supposed to? Please? Pretty please with Bow Meow hairs on top? No, but seriously. I wish I could donate. CAD? Not my currency. I live in the UK. I want to donate and watch the anime in front of my tellybox.
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You should be able to support the kickstarter with any currency, the amount raised has just been translated into CAD
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I look forward to this projects progress!

As an aside to anyone complaining about the game, this is an entirely separate entity. I guarantee you no physical content from the Wakfu animation series will translate into direct game content with the possible exception of artistic inspiration.

HOWEVER, this venture ABSOLUTELY helps the game because an English release of the series and the associated hype brought about by the project should offer a SIGNIFICANT advertisement for our English speaking and international communities to pick up the game. If that doesn't make you happy then, I'm sorry, but it's GREAT NEWS. I look forward to an influx of players and my only hope is that when it comes to us, Ankama has fixed the EARLY to MID game to appeal to them. (Which won't make most of the complainers happy anyway, so for now patience is a virtue.)
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Who is Tot exactly and what does he do? (And I don't mean the bearded warrior alter ego lol)

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Tot is the alpha and omega, basically. Co-founder, CEO, creative director on a lot of Ankama's products, writer for the animated series...
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Aahh ok. I know he is busy, but he should at least speak to us more often.(3-4 times a year?)

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I think Tot is more into animation, comics and story writing than online games wink Hardly seen him on the french forum as well. Except for the animated series threads. Sometimes, very rarely, he shows up there.

(Btw Tot ist actually Anthony and the An in Ankama wink)
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