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Ankama Office: The Results

By [Sabi] - ADMINISTRATOR - January 25, 2014, 01:00:00
Kwismas is now long gone but here at Ankama, the trees are still here, still standing tall and waiting for the end of the decorating contest. Many of you voted for your favorite tree and it is time for the results! The question that may burn your lips (no, no it is not only due to the cold!) is: Which team has won? 
It is now time for us to put away our beautiful creations! The winners will bring back their trophy next Kwismas so see if they get to keep it, suspense!

Meanwhile, we will begin a new year and you can count on us to continue to tell you all about what is happening within Ankama!

Here is a picture of the winning Kwismas tree!

The other trees on the podium are: 2 Kwismas trees decorated by the Background/Lore team (Krosmoz historians) and 3 from the support team!
"Ankama Office would like to remind you that in reality Tot is not as big as he may appear in this new comic! Do not be afraid to meet him, for example during the Convention in early May... He will not eat you (Well at least we think so!)"
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lol. It makes sense that the animation team won since they are a part of designing the game, so they are experts in decorating. Funny Comic. Grats guys! I voted for that tree. biggrin

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That's one fancy tree.
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