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WAKFU Series: First Stretch Goal Reached!

By [Sabi] - ADMINISTRATOR - January 23, 2014, 19:30:12
The Kickstarter campaign to help raise funds for a high-quality English dub for WAKFU the Animated Series is going strong. The first stretch Goal of $100,000 has been reached! Thank you Everyone!

Congratulations are in order! Our deepest appreciation and thanks goes to you our Fans and Backers from all over the world, we have arrived successfully to our first stretch goal of $100,000 and the French Audio version with Subtitles in English, French and Spanish! We are now on our way to Season 2!

To best express our gratitude to all our fans, we asked Kim (AKA tchokun), one of the head artists on Wakfu, to put our feelings into a quick sketch just for you:
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Score : 457
Here's to reaching 200k for the second season!
Score : 13785
Score : 227
Ayy Lmao :') Happy :') Lmao
Score : 1202
Yay, let's get that second goal!
Score : 2620
Congrats! This is awesome.
Score : 24052
I love that sketch!
Score : 3103
so glad its finally coming in english
Score : 853
many congrats guys.
Though i have to say i did not mind the french audio voices were really good (and that's coming from a guy who not like hearing french much :p ) What i do mind is the lack of...well everyhting after end of season 2 QQ....heard about a movie heard about a new series on dofus still nothing... (I know this is supposed to be a good news thread so feel kinda bad about nagging so sorry about that )
Score : 385
Yes!, man I really hope season 2 gets dubbed too, I stopped watching season 1 in french halfway because I can't stand french.
Score : 4782
i loved the french voices and and supported you to get all those goodies, lets work hard to get that 300k and unlock those mysterious OVA's
Score : 7010
congrats!!! happy
Score : 2
wooo were rlly closed to second seasonbiggrin 
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