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WAKFU Season 1 Soon Dubbed Into English?

By [Sabi] - ADMINISTRATOR - January 20, 2014, 06:00:00
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I think you only get season one.
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Jikaps|2014-01-23 18:42:19
I think you only get season one.
Ankama has stated in the Kickstarter comment section that you will get both if they reach that stretch goal happy.
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Ooh, that's very good news, thx!
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GodIsWithUs|2014-01-23 18:48:48
Jikaps|2014-01-23 18:42:19
I think you only get season one.
Ankama has stated in the Kickstarter comment section that you will get both if they reach that stretch goal happy.
Thanks for confirmation. I wasn't sure anymore if I really read it anywhere or if it was only my imagination biggrin

EDIT: Found the answer "[...] And yes, if we can reach $200,000, we will dub Season 2 and add the Season 2 Blu-ray to all pledges that currently include a Season 1 Blu-ray for no additional charge."
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Wisely chose Nox's voice actor because he's the best character in the 1st Wakfu season.
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I still kind of feel that this kickstarter seems to be a get-the-money-and-get-out maneuver, really, but I'm sure there is a population that will enjoy this, so good for them.
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Jwguy|2014-01-25 08:38:26
I still kind of feel that this kickstarter seems to be a get-the-money-and-get-out maneuver, really, but I'm sure there is a population that will enjoy this, so good for them.
Enough blabbering, more supporting! <_< 
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Jwguy|2014-01-25 08:38:26
I still kind of feel that this kickstarter seems to be a get-the-money-and-get-out maneuver, really, but I'm sure there is a population that will enjoy this, so good for them.

It will be made; this is Ankama’s current attempt to get into the North American market.

The folks around the internet said that Xa (one of the lead artist for Ankama) said in a post somewhere (I haven’t tracked it down yet) Ankama tried to get a North American network to air the show, but the only one that showed any interest was Nickelodeon but not enough interest to come to negotiation table. Dubs cost money and they don’t have a NA partner to share the cost. Their current partner France TV probably won’t front the money since it’s out of their territory with no guarantee of profit for investment. So they are taking it the English speaking fans.

Out of curiosity I went to the French MMO forums to see what they were saying about the kickstarter. I’ll quote what their assistant community manager said. (Bear with the translation; I copy/pasted thru Google)

France Televisions is Ankama partner for France.This kickstarter is primarily intended for our fans in North America and Francophone Canada where we have no partner now. Therefore we have no visibility on the viability and potential profitability of the project.Through this platform, we allow fans to get the series in their language and it allows us to measure the waiting (and potentially successful) in this project.Add Quote Here

Also from the KS page
We wish to get closer to the American public, the Asian public... in other words, everyone in the world! That is why we are asking for your support to help us complete the dubbing of the series in English! Add Quote Here

What it boils down to is; and what I make of it:

1) They can’t get funding for the Dub so they are Kickstartering it

2) This gives them a Dub that at the least they can present to VOD services (i.e. Netflix, Hulu)

3) The number of backers and money’s collected can add ammunition to their sales pitch. They can show that with no official release, advertisement, official preexisting translation, or company presence in U.S. they could still get a good number of backers and get good money for the show. That it has a good potential of gaining a general audience. So to them this is a market survey.

4) In return they are bribing us with official, manufactured, and professionally made BD of the show at a crazily cheap price compared to what retail would be. Looking at Ankamas online store it looks like all the disk for both seasons of the show are about $87 US on DVD. If we hit $200k (which looks good) were getting them starting at the lowest tier for $40 Moose bucks on BD.

5) This gives them more independence in scripting and dubbing the show free from dictates of a network.

6) All the quotes I’ve heard was that the 2 seasons of the show cost 6.5 Euro’s to make which French TV footed half the bill. If Ankama can score a contract with a partner in the U.S. they can get more funding and Season 3 is in the bag and maybe even more seasons.

My thoughts from what I’ve seen. Also I know this forum is the English speaking not just U.S. I’m not bashing or forgetting anyone when I say North American a lot in this. From what I been seeing Ankama is trying to primarily get into the NA market since the “stereotypical U.S. culture” is consumerific and if a company want’s to increase its profit margins in needs to bust into the NA market.
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About that redeemable MMO gift. I've read somewhere else it was going to be Nox's Hoodlum hat. Can someone confirm this? Thanks!

edit: never mind, found it :

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Technical update #6, a message from Tot

Hello you all,

For those of you who don't know me, I am Anthony Roux, some of you might know me as “Tot.” I am one of the creators of the KROSMOZ universe, spanning both eras: DOFUS and WAKFU. We started working 13 years ago (seems like a lifetime already) on the DOFUS universe. With 3-4 people we set down the basis for the MMO that is celebrating its 10-year anniversary this very year. We then developed the WAKFU universe, taking place a thousand years after the DOFUSIAN era. A MMO at first, and then an animated series. Inspired for years by fairy-tales and fantasy universes, I was just dying to develop my very own. I wanted it to be beautiful and I wanted our characters to live great adventures. In truth, these adventures that we created I would have loved to live for myself.

I'm writing you today to thank you from the bottom of my heart for supporting our series' dubbing project. I really can't tell (or rather write) you correctly how happy this makes me. Living continually on a daily basis with YUGO, PERCIDAL, AMALIA, RUEL, EVANGELYNE, JORIS, KERUB, and all these other strange characters, I grew fond of them in a way that can't be written outside of a Lovecraft short story. After a few years, these characters have become alive. I see them as my children. I cry when I kill one of them and I laugh at the mischiefs of RUEL and PERCIDAL. I fear for YUGO and ADAMAI... I like EVANGELYNE's harshness and AMALIA's spoiled princess side. I exorcised my fears and doubts in NOX's special episode and saw my wife cry when she watched it. I've read the scripts and showed the storyboards to my son, who was no more than ten at the time... My characters have been a part of my life for years and they became more alive as their adventures went on. The most beautiful reward of all, now, is to know that many people love them as I love them and feel concerned by what they're going through. What's the point of creating if not sharing?

I must admit I was really anxious when this KICKSTATER started. A lot of people had advised me against doing it. But we found ourselves incapable of having our series on a lot of countries' networks. “Too violent,” “too naked,” “too serialized,” “not our target demographic”... We met with every possible comment and started slowly giving up... We could have let the matter rest and went on with some other project, but nothing is worse to a father than seeing his baby given the cold shoulder by the rest of the world. What, exactly, was little WAKFU's problem? Not good-looking enough? Not clever enough? I know that it's my baby and I'm partial, but still... Why were so few people willing to give it a chance? The series was a huge hit in France, why wouldn't it agree with viewers the world over? Don't we, as humans, feel the same things? We find it hard to believe that’s not the case…

So, we took our fate in our own hands, and pitched our dubbing project... In a sense, this was a last-ditch project. And you answered; you were there, and in the first two days. You can't know how much of a relief it is to know that YUGO and his friends are interesting to other people than only the French. To us, this is the best reward ever and I thank you once more for your support.

I also wanted to talk about season 3, as many of you want it to be made. First of all, we are currently finalizing three 45 minutes specials that are in season 2's continuity. I wanted to explore some ideas. The problem is that I can't talk about it without spoiling you. Whatever the case, it was awesome doing it because we took advantage of the situation to do some great cross-overs. We're also working on a feature-length that will put it forward and you'll soon be able see that everything is connected. Just between us, I can't wait to see your faces.

No, no, that's the face you get when Ruel starts cleaning out his magic sack.What I’m getting at is this: I already have ideas for all the stories that need to be told in a season 3. But I don’t have much hope. This is because many factors will prevent a channel from pre-buying season 3 from us if we make it as we envision it being made.

The first issue is that I want it to take place several years after the 3 specials, when YUGO is an adult. That might be the biggest issue. If he becomes an adult, channels will have a “target demographic” problem. No children in a children's show, that's only possible in Japan.

The other issue is that I want to make it darker, with bigger stakes. I loved how J.K. Rowling had Harry Potter evolve as his adventures went on. The more Harry would grow, the darker the story would be, and the bigger the stakes. I've been thinking from the start about something along those lines for YUGO and ADAMAI. As I was just telling you, our characters have become alive. Out of respect for them and our viewers, we just can't let them stay the same age forever. If they can't grow old, I don't want to tell their stories anymore. I'd rather, then, not tell anything at all, and allow us all to keep a pleasant image of them.

It's easier for some than others, naturally...The last stumbling block comes from the fact that channels are looking for more and more “kid-friendly” serials, and most important, they have to be able to play around with their planning. Finding a show's best broadcast slot is an art in and of itself, and it is way more complicated to do with serials. In this way, “animated serials” don't really have a future. I know how sad that sounds, but it's the truth. We've already had an outstanding luck doing WAKFU the way we did. And speaking of which, I'll never thank FTV's Julien Borde and Voyelle Acker enough for that.

While in the USA and in England, serials have never been more powerful, we are forced, in many countries, to do sitcom... I have nothing against sitcoms, far from it, but I'd really like some variety... When “Game of Thrones” and other addictive series like it are clearly popular everywhere, it might be time to understand that what pleases us “adults,” might also interest our children. We live in a world where the absence of moral bearings is prominent and society’s values become more and more that of reality TV and other such silliness. Why not offer our children real adventures rather than only feeding them comedies? Life is made of laughter, drama, and adventure, is it not? And those who, like me, have kids, know that they ask a lot more questions than us and most certainly don't spend their days on a cotton-candy filled rainbow, beautiful as the thought may be. They need heroes. Role-models of bravery. We can only show them mushy stuff, and that saddens me deeply.

I would be the first to celebrate if we were to get the opportunity to continue this series thanks to a KICKSTARTER, be it this project, or a future project just for Season 3. ANKAMA could cover a huge part of the financial cost. But it is a fact that we couldn't produce 26 26-minutes episodes. That would be too large of a budget for us to fund without a partner to help us. In any case, if you have ideas or contacts in the offices of risk-taking media channels, I'd be glad to hear it. Once again, a big thank you to you all, and sorry for the big rant. My teams have tried to put me in front of a camera, but that's a rather complicated exercise for me.

Yours truly,

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I'm going to donate just because of what Tot said :x he's so sincere and I agree with him in everything he said.
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By now we've already reached the 2nd season stretch goal! Qilby and Remington in English! Huzzah!
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I can't wait to hear what kind of suave VA they find for Remington.
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I'd really like to donate, but sigh... Kinda need all my money right now.
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