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Haven Worlds: New Auctions Begin Today

By [Sabi] - ADMINISTRATOR - January 08, 2014, 17:00:00
Time to count your money and prepare your guild, new Haven World auctions are beginning tonight

Tonight at 7 PM server time (type /time ingame to know the time of your server), the following Haven Worlds will see their auctions end:
  • Amakna – Emelka – North
  • Bonta – Thicket of Yurbut – South
  • Brakmar – Gnashville – Center
  • Sufokia – Steamulating Shore – South

At the same time, 4 new Haven Worlds will be put on auctions for a week:
  • Sadida Kingdom – West
  • Sadida Kingdom – East
  • Shhhudoku's Kingdom – West
  • Shhhudoku's Kingdom – Center East

As a reminder, to participate in the auctions your guild must be level 3, and only the leader (or anyone with the appropriate rights) can bid. Bids will be of a fixed amount: 100 Kamas until the auction reaches 1000, then 200 Kamas until 2000, and so on. Kamas are directly taken from your Guild Bank, and given back once another guild bids higher than you.
Good luck!
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I believe these are the last batch of HWs until they decide to add new ones.
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Asthis|2014-01-08 19:08:19
I believe these are the last batch of HWs until they decide to add new ones.
Aren't they always? wink 
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nothing interesting
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I already give up on buying those things, I'm not a rich character
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hi,shouldn't the free weekend be added to who had subscription?
My subscription was till 10th January,with the free it should go to 12th or so.
Well not sure if it's like this now but last year was sad.
my subscription ended today,sabi can you explain to me what happened?
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