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By #[Troyle] December 03, 2013, 17:00:00
His original version might feed on evil desires, but his double that will fight by your side will be entired devoted to your cause as a true “Darkness” Brother in Arms. Discover the Darkness Multiman!

Who's who?

Multimen all have a common power, the one of ubiquity! In other words, they can duplicate themselves without limits. That’s how all of you can get your own copy of a same Multiman. As for Shadow, the one fighting with you is not the original, but a copy at your service!
Learn more about this “Chromatic” Sidekick.
He is the synthesis of the Ebony Dofus and the shadow of its creator, Ereziah Melkewel. That should explain his taste for nothingness…
Reserve him right now for December 10 by purchasing a 1 year subscription!
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Pumped about this guy, looking forward to battling alongside him.
yeah, he looks pretty awesome.
Can i play him as a main character =)
The sub ones are tradable too I hope?
I like how he floats over the ground. Reminds me of another villain :-)
He look like fat geezer in-game -.-" ... a Santa?
I got bit dissapointed.
Probably my least favorite next to scara and fish
Why golden armor? That's like the opposite of darkness warrior. Gold Saint? Should look more like a Hades armor in saint seiya.
Hey how can I check or change my secret questio cause I forgot it

And are these new champions
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