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MULTIMAN: Back to the Feature

By [Sabi] - ADMINISTRATOR - November 15, 2013, 18:00:00
It has been already a week that you have shared with us your feedback on the Multimen. New classes, incarnations, wanted notice: All bids are open and you went all in! And some of you have found out... 

If Multimen are presented to you as a revolution in the game, it is because they can completely change the way you play!

In addition to being vigilantes come to help maintain justice, the Multimen are the first 6 characters to introduce the sidekick system to WAKFU. When you call them, Lumino, Skale, Krobax, Trank, Beelzebug, and Shadow will leap to your aid, under your direction!

If the means of getting your new Brothers in Arms are still in the heart of the debate at Ankama, know that you will be kept updated on our ideas, lines of thought, and incredible twists for this special new feature starting Tuesday November 19th during the first episode of ANKAMA OFFICE!
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idk how i feel about this... i mean itd be nice to be able to summon a person in the field for assistance but is it for the whole fight? can we just spam it every fight and then what about groups? can everyone summon one which would like make huge teams... im interested in learning more
Score : 33554
i'm still very excited about this and the owl one especially just wish I knew what his name was

Also you guys should really do costumes for each of these they look great
Score : 8466
MiniMikeh|2013-11-15 20:19:50
i'm still very excited about this and the owl one especially just wish I knew what his name was

Also you guys should really do costumes for each of these they look great
The owl looks to be Krobax. As for the rest, the fox looks to be Lumino, demon Shadow, tree Trank, insect Beezlebug, and fish Skale.
Score : 19275
I'm looking forward to this, whatever it may be. I just hope it doesn't glitch out as badly as Al Howin has.
Score : 4293
Sounds like an interesting idea. I could see this happen if somebody gets attacked by a group like Epitaph tends to do.
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Score : 8466
I am most interested in how the sidekick system will affect the current difficulty of the game. Hope the sidekick system is just group fillers and not a system where everyone on the team can summon one because if they do the latter Ankama will also make the current content even harder, which would result in frustration since not only will it water down the player but also causes battles to take longer due to having a team of 12. I really do hope it is just group fillers, or they make the mechanic to where they will not increase the strength of the current content. Hope the sidekicks just give minor buffs or something, nothing major.
Score : 33554
the real question is will they count towards party PP
Score : 11939
MiniMikeh|2013-11-15 22:28:39
the real question is will they count towards party PP
no the real question is isnt shadow a villain? i mean i dont mind him helping me but idk.
Score : 11364
that dude shadow doesn't seem very nice XD
Score : 1232
The way I see it, they'll be group fillers, not summons per se. Weaker than players of an equivalent level, but still far better for people that'd rather play alone or not in full groups all the time.Six of them: four for each element, Stasis and summons. Fits in pretty nicely.
Score : 19275
Sure hope one of them can heal/protect people.
Score : 23972
I wonder if one of them is summoner...
Score : 2764
A sidekick system in other mmos means that you can play with lower or higher level friends by having your level scaled down or perhaps even up. I hope that this is what this update is going to be all about. Anything else just sounds silly.
Score : 3156
Of course there's no saying what this will be exactly yet, but purely guestimating here, I feel like this system is indeed one where we can fill up missing party-member slots with controlled sidekicks.
If so, its a pretty wise decision on Wakfu's part since it might allow for 3 man groups to experience content in the game designed around 6 man parties. It would also allow for the developers to focus more on content that requires a bigger party (and it already feels like they have been ramping up the difficulty with the new content a bit where it feels like a neccesity anyway).

Looking forward whatever this mechanic might be in the end! biggrin 
Score : 3292
This sounds crazy. We have no idea how it works yet, so not much to say. It will definitely be interesting. I really hope the release isn't full of bugs like other recent updates and I hope they release more information with the game update so it won't be mass chaos if so.
Score : 898
That sounds really cool if they're group fillers. Just makes sure they're worse than actual players so that people wouldn't use them in lieu of partying, since this is an MMO and all. :3
Score : 1003
Sounds similar to the system in the Original Guild Wars, could be cool but might also create some problems if everyone uses them
Score : 707
would be great if you could gear them as well.
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