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MULTIMAN: the Revolution is underway

By #[Troyle] November 08, 2013, 16:50:00
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Dunno why bonta shouldn't have a blibli like Vigilante, brak is a scara, amakna seems a flower field, sufokia a snapper o.o, why bonta/air have an owl like Vigilante, if all nations have ur proper owl? =x
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I can't log wakfu it gives Error need today Update
I'm using new wakfu application but it not auto update
what i do? sad
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DanuEpick // me too
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For those interested, I checked the background image, played with the color levels, contrast and brightness and this was what I got.

Do I see something there, or not, I guess it's open to interpretation!

Trying to find some hidden information:

For those wanting to see the full size images:
Click here
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