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Changes to Ogrine Subscriptions

By #[Troyle] November 05, 2013, 15:00:00
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im buying my subscirption by buying ogrines with real money using mobile phone (zong). some players even cant get its sub because they already paying without getting any ogrine. you indirectly doubled the price of subsciption for us that only get 1 option of buying sub (which is can only buy ogrines (WITH REAL F**king MONEY)and trade it with sub). funny how u make a bugged method of dofu kamas, but u wont repair the system, instead of repairing it u just doubled the price of subscription with ogrines, and make us who pay subscription using mobile phone miserable and being left dead.
if you make changes you may as well make a solution for us but u didnt, idk if u guys too lazy or something but i love this game but now u ruining my f**king game and make some of us wont pay anymore.if you bring this changes without giving us another option and method of buying our subsciption, im sorry but me as well will leave this game.
absurd way of decreasing players ankama id ont know wtf u thinking
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lets kill an already dead server woo
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Grats, was thinking about prolonging my subscription in january with ogrines, but your stupid greed made you loss another 60 euro and another player. You are same as Activision - cant do anything pro-customer, just for your pockets.

Oh and 10% discount on re-subbing? Yeah like - we dont sell car for 5000 euros, you can buy for 10 000 and get it in discount for 9000. Amazing discount, isnt it?
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I wonder what would you all haters said if you were reading an article titled: "we are going off the business, game servers will be shut down forevah..."

Would you go off the streets? or eat another bag of chips and buy other game that you can cry about?

find a solution for sms users, they are screwed, and about all the rest? Support the game you like not the e-bay sellers...
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How it should be:

Instead of:

10eus - 6000 OGs

should be

6eu - 3500 OGs / 12eu -7000 OGs

This way people who only get OGs to subscribe and not use the useless item shop can do so. Getting 6000 OGs leaves you hanging with another 2500 you cannot use to sub unless you buy another pack of 10eus.
So basically what happens here is, people who are able to pay through direct payment, they pay 4eus less. (They pay for 1 month exactly and not more)
Oh and of course, OGs expire.

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Heres my scenario, i live in Hong Kong, my payment methods are so limited it only comes down to using the ultimate game card method through the Pay by Cash system. Instead of paying the original price of 17 USD for 3 months, i pay a whopping 19.99 USD instead, handling fee? tax? Not really fair for me is it?

Don`t get me wrong, a 3 dollars difference doesn`t make me sweat, what angers me is when Ankama had the balls to come out telling us the subscription system is screwed up and unbalance. Really? Yes it is, ON YOUR END. It took you nearly 2 years to realise how broken the subscription systems are, and the only solution Ankama comes up with is almost doubling the cost of subs via orgines? If Ankama really wants more money and customers, stop restricting payment methods for half of the bloody world, i have lost count on how many people quitting because of the issue.

Stop acting like angels and how Ankama have graced upon us with your transparency, fix the bloody bug ridden game before you try to make more money out of it, if you want a larger player base, stop being greedy and start advertising.

Not directing this at you Troyle, we understand you have no part in this farce and the awful decision, but please forward our concerns the the HQ.

malgar|2013-11-06 07:30:33
I wonder what would you all haters said if you were reading an article titled: "we are going off the business, game servers will be shut down forevah..."

Would you go off the streets? or eat another bag of chips and buy other game that you can cry about?

find a solution for sms users, they are screwed, and about all the rest? Support the game you like not the e-bay sellers...
That logic is so flawed i don`t know what to say, yes we would be bitterly disappointed if the server shuts down but what can we do? Invest more money into it because Ankama had no real sense of direction in how to fix Wakfu?

There is a difference between supportive, and being sheepish and blind to how poorly they are running the game.
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Azurayin|2013-11-05 22:27:49
The equality of bringing Ogrines up and close to the real money payment is only "fair" and "equal" to people who solely used Ogrines to buy subscriptions (they exchanged ogrines from dofus to buy subs) HOWEVER, this is the only "equal" thing there.
Those who bought subscriptions ONLY with ogrines (using real money of course, via different methods, such as sms/other) WILL HAVE TO pay more due to increase of ogrines value for specific sub time.

So, gals and lads. People who paid for subscriptions using ogrines which they bought for REAL MONEY, are in all 'fairness' and honesty, screwed.

I agree, after doing some back-of-a-napkin calculations.

With the new pricing plans, taking into account the chain-sub discount...

Getting three months of sub, on the basis of the single month sub would cost either E18 in real money, or 15000 Og (equiv E30). The cost in Og would be nearly double of the real money costs. This is also seen with the single 3-month-pack which would cost either E17 in real money, or 14600 Og (equiv E30). In either case you would have 3000 Og leftover to spend on other stuff, but whooptey-doo.

I know that we'll be sticking to the real-money payments smile

(Innocent-Man @ 2013-11-05 23:19:07)
I think the problem is not that Ogrines has become more expensive, but the fact that there are countries where it is extremely difficult to pay without buying them. If Ankama not be able organize payments in the same way as the purchase Ogrines, then I do not think that someone will pay for this half broken product.

Yep, I would have to agree with you there. The payment options for subs and Ogrines should absolutely be the same.
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Pity changes, i prefer buy ogrines for real money, then pay for game =( Now i ll need to use my credit card... well nothing lost, but pity changes.
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For the love of all that is good and holy. PLEASE do not go through with this. I'm not one who pays with orgines. However this is EXTREMELY bad for marketing and PR. I'd hate for this game to get even less people then it has now. It's almost like someone who does the pricing was like "You know these numbers aren't right. Let's even that out, I'm sure no one will notice." Don't shoot yourselves in the foot with this.

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Did not understand.

Before I buy 20000 ogrines and buy 3 month sub+items in shop.
Now-I need pay for 10000 ogrines(for shop)+3 month sub by money?
Same cost now and before.
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That decision really surprised me. There are still about 3 hours left before it actually happens and i am very curious to see what happens next.
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you all really are stupid, the cheap cost of the week by week ogrines is the reason MOST people are still playing. hey guess what im in college. i can play for 3 weeks so ill sub for that time then oh no i have exams the next 2 weeks in a row! instead of me wasing money and time subbing for a month i can stop subbing for a bit, handle my real life issues then come back to the game i love playing. are you really that dense amkana? just because you want money doesn't mean that the people paying will keep throwing money at you. we are the reason you can even run this game. piss off your already dwindling player base and you might as well use the servers for this game as paper weights.
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ok i leave this game cya ankama
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why? why? do you need more money?
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Bought the big big big pack of ogrines with real money on the begining of year, waiting to spend in something usefull, i was waiting change the pets to buy 1 year of sub, before my ogrines go to limbo, cause the expire date, now i saw the news 1 day before it be implemented. So i loose the old price, and i HAVE to spend my ogrines, 45000+, in any things, or i will lose money, cause they will go to limbo even if i don't.
Can u please put some new things, like change gender, apperance respect (yes, cause next patch black hair will be an option to any class), or anything to we spend in boutique to not few so bad?
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To start things of @troyle and @sabi I do prefer shooting the messenger, since they are the ones who bring the message lol...there is something called common decency to take a stand when something happens what is in no manner a "fair happening"

To state the logic, Ankama changes certain ingame option to allow multiboxers to benefit from a somewhat more user-friendly play option (following chars around etc) But in return decided to raise the sub costs (in ogrines) of a payment option which could be seen as extremely unfair (since you basically invest money in Ankama without using it up directly in some cases READ: digitalbank kinda relationship) since it in turn provides you with a very meager comprensation (read: intrest on the invested money) then decides to remove the intrest and basically asks you to pay close to 1/3rd more then before to provide you with EXACTLY the same BROKEN service (check out the forums to see all the unresolved support matters and slow response times) and basically lowers the trust relationship with the consumers (us the players)....

Not a very smart move to make in the mmo world which has a wide ammount of choice with alot better support and more fair payement options in the cases of certain country's (yes you can play the:"we are one of the few tactical mmorpgs and have an unique system" but thats worth jack all if the system is broken and continues to be degrading every patch and update since basically you guys are trying to add more stuff (which ussually is fully bugged the 1st week) to try and cover up the currently (increasing daily) ammount of OLD bugs....

Ankama does not listen to its playerbase, nor do I think they will in the future.
I myself play multiple accounts and still have a month of sub on both of those after which I'd rather invest my money in a company who atleast offers me better support (in my case FFIV) for the same ammount of money I invest in two accounts to basiccally keep a game running which I have loved over the past year but is being destroyed by the company who hosts/"fixes" the ingame mechanics....I will be able to play 1 account in a game which does have it's act together atleast 65% more then this shabby ****-stained-sinking-ship

I'm done with the neverending bugs, loss of playtime due to those buggs and lack of comprensation for this los and the not listning to the community (READ: NOT ONLY FRENCH PLAYERS)
And if this change does really happen I will not procede to continue my financial support towards ankama, nor will I be tempted to try any new projects since I'd rather play Diablo3 which has had less buggs at its release week (trololol) or invest my money in a bigger game with matching support (because that is the price you are asking for something you guys are not either willing or able to provide)

/flamemode off...
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Hundreds of thousands participate in this great system every day.
Must be counting 50 times.
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This is bad news for me. I am from Singapore, currently studying in university. I pay by SMS. It costs me me $5.30SGD to buy 700 Ogrines, so i will need to pay a bit more for the 1 week subscription (800 Ogrines). However, if you were to increase the cost to 1400Ogrines a week, I will have to pay over $10SGD (that is a lot of money for one week of game and I rather spend it on 10 packets of potato chips). The advantageous of one week subscription is that I will be able to activate it when my schedules are free.
Holidays are coming soon in December; I hope some changes are made soon. Otherwise I will have to kiss my level 100++ character goodbye.
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Troyle|2013-11-05 22:27:50
Other options have been considered, such as establishing a fixed value for all Ogrines. In other words, change the packages. But you have to consider all the different packages that are available for all countries and currencies, consider the value of the Ogrine in the Kama Exchange on DOFUS, find the proper exact value, and then come up with a way of converting the existing Ogrines that everyone owns to the correct amount, based on their value. It goes without saying that this would be close to impossible, and would have mostly led to a similar result: an increase of the cost of this one Ogrine for most packages.
Here we're not increasing the cost of the Ogrine, we're changing what you can get for it. We believe this to be more fair towards those who buy Ogrines only for the Boutique.

Oh btw. This is demagoguery. Removing price scaling from buying ogrines for real money requires no such effort, no consideration for DOFUS market and what not. There's just no need to have ogrine packages in the first place. Real money->ogrine rates are arbitrary and making a single arbitrary rate conversion is better than several rates from several packagers. Makes life easier for everyone. Don't be smartasses, devs. Most of people who decided to donate money to your company via ogrine purchases won't care about 10% 'saving' on bulk packages anyway.

There's only one truly fair way: no matter whether you buy ogrines for real money and buy subscription for ogrines or buy subscription directly for real money you should always end up spending exactly same amount of real money.
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It's like--they could've made the SMS sub cost cheaper but, they just decided to up the price of Ogrine subscription thus affecting all of the other payment options? I.. I... Uh...

Well, there goes my way of subbing.