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Changes to Ogrine Subscriptions

By #[Troyle] November 05, 2013, 15:00:00
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Ok, i renew subscription before the end of the term, and it cost 5200.
Wanna to deceive us even in this, ankama ?
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I know this may be considered an old thread. However, I'm returning to Wakfu now and I feel like posting my point of view.

First: I am a Designer myself, I study Industrial Design, Game Design and other areas. I know how hard is to make a game, even harder to make an MMO. Bugs are really difficult to solve, balancing the game is the most hard thing in my opinion (players call it "nerf" in a really offensive way) and most of you is not considering that Ankama is trying to make a good game.

Second: It is really easy to say you don't agree, why don't you (players) suggest how things should be? (some of you already did, congratulations happy)
I think Ankama should let the prices the way they were, then make an enormous effort to make direct subscription payment available for EVERYONE, and finally, deal with the subscription with "Dofus Ogrine" issue.

Wakfu has an INTERNATIONAL server. I think players from Remington are the ones complaining the most, obviously. Ankama probably knows that an international server would have people from the entire world, with different economy, culture, payment methods... So I believe they (Ankama) will try to make direct sub payment possible for all of us (I'm a Brazilian player, and we already have an option for paying directly, 15R$ a month).

Some of you said that you will stop playing Wakfu and get back to WOW.If you could pay directly, would you stay here? If the answer is YES, Ankama should do something about it immediately, or the game will be a desert.
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I cannot buy ogrines !
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So um. The game's pretty dead right now.
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The result of this changes still isn't here. Many people declared, that they quit, but I'm pretty sure they are staying to use their last ogrines. Then they will quit and then you will finally see, how terrible these changes were.
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They still haven't fixed the ogrine purchases bug at wakfu's site,can't buy nothing but to sub directly...
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Fuck you piece of shit Ankama instead of lowering the price to match ogrines you're doing it the other way around you greedy sons of bitches get cancer.

This is such fucking outrage I can't even believe I considering coming back to this piece of shit.

Hope you go bankrupt soon I'd rather see the game die than let you greedy bastards exploit people.
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I was thinking about resubing and trying the game one more time because I learned from the Sram rework... There has always been 2 big issues for me in the game which keeps this game from being a huge success.

1. The class balance is a joke, like half of the classes are unplayable and simply not taken in the groups due the fact that they lack the needed qualities when it comes to harder boss encounters.

2. There are no players. The player base is so low that it's hard to get a proper group. (the problem is not solved with bought allies with irl money or ppl playing with more accounts at the same time) The lack of players encourages people to multibox.

I can easily see that the already small community is going to get even smaller and smaller due the ogrine price changes. The game which was released at not even closed beta state is still not worth paying for, even more less when I'm expected to pay more.

I'm just sad that we still don't have a good player base. I tought about asking my brother to resub with me and play but I don't think we'll be coming back. I've never seen a single banner add or any advertisement for Wakfu and players who want to give it a try really get a bad taste to their mouth when playing at the low level areas since Wakfu and Dofus shine the bestest at high levels.

I would recommend that you made another "long distance" call and make Wakfu free to play for a year and pump up more money in order to get more players. Also Spaming more content is really not so important to us, just fix the game and balance the classes.
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Where do I go to pay with a credit card? The only options that come up are restaurant gift cards. How does that work? I just want to get a monthly subscription using a credit card. How do I do this? Thanks.
BrieRock|2015-06-05 14:49:56
Where do I go to pay with a credit card? The only options that come up are restaurant gift cards. How does that work? I just want to get a monthly subscription using a credit card. How do I do this? Thanks.

Hi BrieRock,

You can purchase Ogrines via Steam.

For information regarding payment options, please see this thread.