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Craft Your Own Psychopath Mask for Al Howin!

By $[Sabi] - ADMINISTRATOR - October 31, 2013, 14:00:00
Octolliard 31st is here! Are you prepared for all the trick and treaters today? When they knock at your door to ask you to for candies, which mask will you wear to great them? A Psychopath Mask of course! 

We'll first start by thanking Zanafia, a fellow WAKFU player from the French Community, that will help us show you step by step how to make this indispensable Al Howin fashion accessory!

The Necessary Materials

  • Chicken Wire (4 feet x 4 feet to be comfortable)
  • Cutting pliers
  • Newspaper (two newspapers will do)
  • White wood glue
  • An old paint brush
  • 2,2 Pounds of white Sculpey (or oven bake clay)
  • A large oven big enough to fit a mask
  • 2 part epoxy or recommended glue by the oven bake clay manufacturer (optional)
  • Sandpaper (80 and 120 grits)
  • Water based acrylic paint
  • And ESPECIALLY a big bag of candy to give you courage!

Creating the Frame

Cut the wire with wire cutters to make a square of about 12 inches x 12 inches (30 cm x 30 cm)of chicken wire (while of course the dimension depends on the size of your face) and twist it to mold it to your face and create the shape of the frame, which you will transforming into your own mask later on.

Remember to add the nose (still using chicken wire) on your mask and above all remember to make holes for the eyes, as it is best to be able to see!

Covering the Frame

You will now need to tear some newspaper into strips and glue them to the chicken wire frame on both sides with the white wood glue.

Do not be afraid to put several layers to make it stronger and wait for it to dry.
Once the newspaper is dry, it is time to add the horns.
You will just need to use chicken wire again to form them,  then push them through the newspaper layer, and fold back the ends of the chicken wire to stabilize the horns.

What is left to do for this step is simply to cover the horns and any other parts of the chicken wire frame with newspaper. Please remember to also cover the inside part of the frame and any the inside chicken wire ends of the horns.

Shaping the Mask

You must first condition the clay (read packaging and manufacturer instructions) by kneading it and rolling it just like a pumpkin pie dough (little by little) to get it conditioned and ready to use.
Once you have rolled it out one last time, you will need to make small sections of about 0.2 inches (3 mm) thickness and a few inches of length. Basically not so big that it doesn't allow you to place several small sections as shown in the pictures below to cover the frame:

Next you will need to merge the sections together with your fingers and smooth them out as much as possible to avoid too much sanding later on.

For any embossed design, you will have to roll the clay into a long thin log (a little thinner than a finger) and flatten it at the embossing spot.

You will then have to smooth it on one side with your finger and merge a little on the other side with the bottom layer using a knife.

This step is very important and must be done, otherwise the clay may crack slightly between the two layers when baking the mask.

Baking the Mask

Nothing too difficult: First make sure to read the instruction of the clay manufacturer (for example: Sculptey Clay FAQ).

If you are unsure of the accuracy of your home oven temperature - run a pre-baking test:
  • Pinch off a small ball of clay.
  • Shape a disc 1/2 inch (12 mm) in diameter and approximately 1/4 inch (6 mm) thick.
  • Refer to package instructions for baking time and temperature. Bake piece.
  • Remove from the oven and check color.  Any darkened areas indicated that your oven is too hot.
  • If your oven is too hot, lower your oven temperature by 10°F (5°C) and try this test again.
  • Do not allow your mask to over bake, if you leave it longer than the temperature and time recommended, it will burn and release toxic vapor.
Little mishap: The mask's tongue came off when taking it out of the oven. It was not fused with the mask correctly as shown on the picture below.

Gluing and Sanding the Mask

You might find yourself having to glue a piece on the mask and here are some advices: The Recommendations from the clay manufacturer varies but the Sculptey oven bake manufacturer recommends: Super Glue GEL (not liquid), silicone glues (GOOP, E-6000) and FLEXIBLE types of hot melt glues. The white craft glues (Tacky Glue, Elmer´s Glue) tend to pop off because they are not flexible.

For an excellent clay to clay bond (whether raw to raw, raw to baked, baked to baked), use Sculpey Bake & Bond or Translucent Liquid Sculpey, which requires baking to become an adhesive.

Another option would be to use a 2 part epoxy glue, which looked a lot like vegetable resin. This allows you to fill in the cracks with it and give extra strength to the tongue with two small screws in addition to the resin.

Now it is time to sand! A Dremel was used for small hard to reach areas, the rest was done by hand (sandpaper 80 grit).
And here is the result:

Painting the Mask

For this step, the easiest way is to apply solid colors in two or three layers, so that there is no transparency issues.

Once the paint is dry, you can add the details and here is your Psychopath Mask!

If this magnificent mask has touched your artistic fiber, do not hesitate to share with us your own creations!

*Disclaimer: The use of the materials suggested and crafting process is at your own risk, please make sure to follow manufacturer instructions prior to use.
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I've never wanted to try arts and crafts more than I do right now omg
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That's pretty awesome ohmy 
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this is nice.
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Thats fantastic!!
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This is amazing
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Just as an add on, are there pictures of the other masks completed, that were shown in this tutorial?
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tashlol|2013-11-01 04:06:40
Just as an add on, are there pictures of the other masks completed, that were shown in this tutorial?
This. I would love to see the classic mask as that is the mask I wear most often
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I wish I had some chicken wire so bad ;_;
But then... once I made it where would I put it? Oh I miss doing art so much.
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Can we get a part 2 and 3 for the other masks?

This is too cool.
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Halfway done. Doin dis sheit
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craft revamp ... ggg
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That's cool and all but where's our Mask insig/altar?
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nice mask)
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yeah... halooween fixed yet ?
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yoooooooooo that's so sick!
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Was gonna try making one then I realised I suck at painting and would not be able to pull off such an amazing paint job. :c
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I am so trying this.
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