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What’s coming next in WAKFU?

By #[Azael] July 16, 2013, 14:30:01
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Something else that was already mentioned, and still planned for the July update: spells balanced up to level 200. We think this is a most important mechanic that should allow for better and more coherent basis in terms of character evolution, and finally offer a real possibility of Multi Element builds.

I'd love to know why Ankama thinks this^.

What's so different about spell/character levels at 100 and spell/character levels at 200.
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Max AP better not be less than 12. Please fix prospecting and dungeon tokens too! Without any decent storyline or quest line we have nothing to do but grind and chat. The maps are largely inert. Flora and fauna doesn't aggro or interact in any meaningful way. Dropped crafting mats could use a buff at the very least.

Some of the changes do look great though and anxious to see if you pull them off.
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Max AP/MP needs to be high.

Ecaflip God Card is +2.
Xelor turn bonus is +3.
Feca glyphs are +3.
Shhudoku buff is +6.
Fusillade doubles base AP.
Enu Zerkers have massive amounts of MP.
Xelor's will alter AP amounts by quite a bit it seems.

How on earth is Ankama going to put a cap on that?
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AP/MP limit don't take into account effect...
In my opinion it would be 12/8. (12/6 like dofus would be to low for class that use MP to hit)

PS: Haven Worlds don't need arenas!!! We can made that using barriers and then using decorations like obstacles
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If max AP/MP is only from gear/stats... why does Ankama get so worked up over their precious ap capes and set bonus needing cape slot. Just slap the AP cap on us and leave us to play with all the gear. Sounds like another area they have no idea where they're going.
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i stopped reading after feca revamp january 2014
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GaaraDelDeserto|2013-07-16 23:56:54
i stopped reading after feca revamp january 2014

Wait until it's removed from the 2013 roadmap. It's listed for December and should be January now. I expect to see many posts asking about Feca revamp because they have never seen this thread tongue 
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Haha, Why do all of these fecas want a revamp? i really enjoy mine and dread any revamp after how the rest have turned out.

Still, prove me wrong Ankama, hopefully with the added focus you will do a better job of it, but don't ignore the classes you just revamped. Ecaflip and Saddida still need time in the oven, they aren't done yet.

Don't get me wrong, I do applaud the focus change. The core rules of the game have a far greater influence than adding new content does, many issues like drop rate need to be addressed aswell, didn't you say you wanted players to always feel like they were rewarded when completing a dungeon?

Ive gotta say going through the slog that is vampiro that takes 30 min to 1 hour over and over again is so painful, its 5 runs for me so far and Ive only got tatters to show for it.

Still thats nothing compared to my adventure with mollusk dungeon. over 70 runs now and ive manage to drop 1 kraken helmet 2 welkington belts and no epshelletes wacko

And on another subject, why do you think hybrids will be aided by level 200?
At the moment once a multi ele reaches the cap it can use the xp overflow to level its other spells, otherwise the stats you get from spell levels will be about 80% less damage than a single element character.

Also, you will find yourself revamping all of the classes again once the level catches up for specialties as we can already max most of them.

If you want to encourage hybrids make sure classes that can heal can use general damage sets like vampiro and make sure its possable to get sets in combinations.

Here is a little experiment for you, how exactly does a water/air eni or saddida get hushed? do you expect them to be able to do shudoku in level 60 gear? Now they cant even look forward to necroforged because you are making it single ele for no reason.
This change is the reason my saddida is changing from water/air to earth. One hybrid gone.

Also why remove unique effects from sets? if they are unbalanced at least try to replace it with something as interesting.
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Heh, wabbit island and eniripsa my most favorite class and animals on my birth month nice. Nice job Ankama. XD Looking forward to the focus on existing mechanics, new and balanced trool fair stuff. And that happy little jello thing at the end, is a nice touch. smile 
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Butterflyx|2013-07-16 18:59:11
[...] The "prospecting-unlocked loot" is a very stupid idea to begin with. All items should drop with 100prospecting, and additional prospecting should only increase the drop. The lowest drop rate then, for end-game items could be like 0.1%... [...]
Hmmmmno. No.

My proposal on the system is to leave PP locks as they are, but droprate should be equal to the level of item, imo. Increase noobish things' droprate at least. Let it be 5~10% on levels below 40, 1~5% below lvl 70, 0.1~1% at higher levels. I'm totally okay with, let's say, Mekanno or Yech BP droprate. Wanna get a really good thing? Work for it, nothing to fuck with. The low droprate of awesome items keeps the economy alive, and also makes you feel like a god when you finally get it.
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Seguchi-sama|2013-07-17 02:50:47
also makes you feel like a god when you finally get it.
What's wrong with you?

Shaleigh1|2013-07-16 16:27:51

The same goes for crafting professions btw. If you revamp them do it considering lvl200 content. A lvl100 imperial craft will not be worth a penny anymore once lvl200 content is implemented and I am sure you won't just stop developing professions after lvl100, now will you?
Probably they will make the level 200 legendaary imperial item crafted by using the level 100 one along with other mats. I mean I hope they are that smart. Anyway, who am I kidding, I'm sure they will try to make things undesirable for everyone.

Azael|2013-07-16 14:30:01

We already reached the middle of 2013

Yeah, I was waiting it to continue like 'and we didn't implement most of the stuff we said we will.
Azael|2013-07-16 14:30:01

Before going in the details of each patch, I wanted to explain the direction we will follow until the end of the year, which might help you better understand some of our decisions.
No one can understand your decisions.
Azael|2013-07-16 14:30:01

Ultimate bossesAfter the Dragon Pig setback we decided to focus on its comeback and therefore canceled the Big Sandhill that was originally planned for July.
How shocking.
About the crafting professions, maybe you should try to make them useful. Now only weapons that makes money is the drop ones and legendary ones. Nearly no one uses the craft weapons, since everyone uses makabra weapons or awesome drop weapons. Most of the craft professions don't participate largely in economy, it's all about rare drops. I wish monsters drop mats instead of whole weapons, so we can charge for crafts etc.
Hi everyone,

Thank you for all of your feedback as it is important to us and appreciated.

Here is a little more information that I wanted to share with you from Azael:

Class revamps:
  • The invisibility system of the Sram is on the table to be reviewed.
  • We preferred to announce one class revamp per patch rather than to say that yes we are working on it and nothing happens... We reduced it to one class each time to have enough time to communicate with you, take into account your feedback and follow-up after the patch, as there are only five patches left for 2013, we must make the right choices.

Rules of the game:
  • The AP/MP limitation will not constrain the players, this limitation is due to the upcoming level change and it is a rule modification that allows us to have a lot more of opportunity behind it, but a Devblog explaining the principle of the limitation and how it will impact the game is on the way.
  • As you will see in the coming months several small rules will be amended to pave the road for the big revamp (lAP/MP limitation and Profession rules for example).
  • The spell change to Lv 200 will not only affect damage, but also the distribution of exp. and therefore the elemental mastery. As you will discover, the multi element build will be much easier than before, it is even one of the objectives of this evolution.
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Should drop a blanket drop rate boost to levels under 30 or 40 this patch if you could. Those levels are fairly quick but getting items under them feels like a complete waste of time because you move up in levels faster than you need the equipment. The rate of leveling is pretty much fine their but given how quick you move you don't get to appreciate any of the gear thats been created at those levels because they take far too long to get relative to how fast you'll shoot past them.
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Kind of worried about MP limit for Enu Drhellzerkers since they get so much. They'd need a limit of at least 15 MP.
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If you're adding more pets, please make a "pet only" box-bag. 1 more pet after croum and golden croum and my entire vamp bag will be filled.
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Asthis|2013-07-17 05:29:02
Kind of worried about MP limit for Enu Drhellzerkers since they get so much. They'd need a limit of at least 15 MP.
The cap only caps what you can get without going into battle. There is no cap on what you can gain during battle. So if the cap were 10 ap/5 mp (which of course won't be the case), you can only have that much outside of battle. But during battle, if a Xelor gave you 3 ap you will have 13 ap to work with.
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Most of the points mentioned here are great news, and the greater transparency about development is appreciated. A few things I'd like to address:

AP/MP limit seems to be a lazy way to avoid AP/MP stacking. Currently, the highest amount of base AP possible without using a satisfaction ring is 6 (base) + 2 (stats) + 1 (weapon) + 1 (cape) + 1 (amulet) = 11. Use of one or more satisfaction rings constitutes such an extremely huge stat sacrifice on the ring slot that I think allowing players to reach 12-13 AP is reasonable, so at least at this point, there's absolutely no need to cap base AP. If an AP belt (or any other equipment slot) needs to be released, the stats of that item/those items should be such that it has a stat sacrifice on the order of the satisfaction ring. In that case, an AP limit should never be necessary so long as the stat sacrifice justifies the AP stacking. I can't imagine Ankama limiting base AP to 10, so this doesn't seem to be much of an issue though. As far as MP goes, I regularly stack MP on some of my characters to 8-10 using penn knives, and I can imagine this being limited. I can see how Ankama might view this as abuse, as a 6 AP/10 MP Pandawa/Sacrier can move a non-stabilized boss such as Dragon Pig ridiculously far, especially with assistance, but I would rather see breastplates added to sets such as el pochito, boowolf, and wild gobball, and penn knives be made unique. I'm really hoping Ankama doesn't decide to cap MP out below 8 and AP below 12.

Mobile arenas seem to have been completely ignored. I feel like a temporary solution could be at least simply to release them again in their original states, having heal resistance fall off every round or every other round. It is true that there are many problems with the arenas, but the problems aren't game-breaking. As it is now, there is no way to get the arena rewards besides buying already-existing ones from others, which is extremely difficult in low-populated servers.

The level cap increases to 125 in July, 140 in August, 145 in November, and 150 in December seem a bit too rushed. Wabbit island and Dragon Pig, which appear to be level 120-130 and level 125 content respectively, should stay at endgame difficulty for a least 4-6 months or at least until a new island and UB are released. Considering the level-up exp scaling starting at 111, I don't think the level cap should be raised beyond 130 until next year.
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Pimento2|2013-07-17 06:20:15
The level cap increases to 125 in July, 140 in August, 145 in November, and 150 in December seem a bit too rushed. Wabbit island and Dragon Pig, which appear to be level 120-130 and level 125 content respectively, should stay at endgame difficulty for a least 4-6 months or at least until a new island and UB are released. Considering the level-up exp scaling starting at 111, I don't think the level cap should be raised beyond 130 until next year.
Whispering island had gear 15 levels above max level and Frigost had gear 10 levels above max level when they were released. Each also had, or will have, to wait several months before level cap was raised to the highest gear level. People who wore Magmog early on had to wait several months before not stating kit skill if they were not also wearing pieces of Gobbalrog. Despite the dungeon list showing Black Wabbit dungeon at 120 and Wabbit dungeon at 130, I suspect they will increase the level of these dungeons, or have higher level dungeons on Wabbit Island that will drop level 150 gear. Remember there will be 5 unique and exclusive families on the Island and its for no lower than level 100, and maybe higher minimum. Read the Afk #10 transcript for that info. Frigost had monsters from 80-120 with 5 families, with top dungeon being 130. So that probably means if Wabbit Island started at 100, monsters should be from 100-140 and top dungeon 150. So Wabbit island will at least be that range. Ankama likes people to use kit skill for several months to wear the top level gear before raising the cap to that level. Doubt they will change that mentality.tongue 
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no GvG???? I feel that I was deceived =(
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So, stasis branch is gonna get rebalanced on july 30th. When do we get final info about it so we can prepare our builds?
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