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New rewards with phase 13 of the Encyclopedia

By #[Troyle] June 04, 2013, 17:00:01
With this 13th phase, we decided to implement new Bronze Token rewards for the bosses. We also use this opportunity to give you a small reminder of the monsters that are still missing their avatar, as well as the new families for which you can already submit screenshots!


Huge rewards for the tough ones

You were wondering why your Vampyro or Dragon Pig screenshots were not yet online? That’s because we were still implementing special rewards for them!

Normal monsters will still grant 15 Bronze Tokens per avatar and screenshot, but bosses will now grant you much more! Here’s a complete list, based on their levels:
  • Lvl 0-19: 15 Bronze Tokens
  • Lvl 20-24: 26 Bronze Tokens
  • Lvl 25-29: 33 Bronze Tokens
  • Lvl 30-34: 39 Bronze Tokens
  • Lvl 35-39: 46 Bronze Tokens
  • Lvl 40-44: 52 Bronze Tokens
  • Lvl 45-49: 59 Bronze Tokens
  • Lvl 50-54: 65 Bronze Tokens
  • Lvl 55-59: 72 Bronze Tokens
  • Lvl 60-64: 78 Bronze Tokens
  • Lvl 65-69: 85 Bronze Tokens
  • Lvl 70-74: 91 Bronze Tokens
  • Lvl 75-79: 98 Bronze Tokens
  • Lvl 80-84: 104 Bronze Tokens
  • Lvl 85-89: 111 Bronze Tokens
  • Lvl 90-94: 117 Bronze Tokens
  • Lvl 95-99: 124 Bronze Tokens
  • Lvl 100-104: 130 Bronze Tokens
  • Lvl 105 and more: 137 Bronze Tokens
  • Celestials: 30 Bronze Tokens
  • Ultimate Bosses: 70 Bronze Tokens

As a reminder, we implemented the conversion Tokens-> Kamas in the last update. Once you received your reward you can just go and exchange your Tokens for Kamas in the closest Gambling Joint!

The last ones

Here’s a selection of monsters, families and bosses for which no proposition has been validated yet… So you still have your chances! Send your screenshots now for: 

New families

Finaly, here are the new families that have been implemented lately. You can now send screenshots for: 
Ready? Go, F12!
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I would submit tons of screenshots if the button to submit them weren't broken. -.-;
Score : 1784
I submitted a few for Grambos a month ago, and they never were added. sad
Score : 13777
I don't want to sound ungrateful but why bronze tokens. It seems silly to reward us with a mechanic that's been removed from the game. Even if we can go mindlessly click a machine for the kama value.

You should give us old square smithmagic runes. I'd happily put a 20% dmg rune in my gear that matches the element I actually want and isn't bugged so I get the bonuses i worked hard for. tongue 
Score : 1019
This just sound silly, i mean can't Ankama just look in thier own files and take the avatars that are loaded when a mob is loaded. and just implant it easy and fast into the wiki. This just sounds stupid. To send a big picture of your whole screen to get one avatar that they can easyly find in thier system. Also please translate the wiki how hard can it be to make a game in english..
Score : 98
I thought Azael already took a couple of photos of the new dungeon mobs wink
Score : 17747
No offense, but... bronze? O.o.... >_>
Score : 394
You can still get stuff with bronze tokens ●.○
Score : 17747
Currychan|2013-06-05 05:31:33
You can still get stuff with bronze tokens ●.○
Nothing worthwhile...
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