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The Encyclopedia: Phase 12!

By #[Troyle] May 21, 2013, 16:00:00
Curious about the new families to complete in the Encyclopedia?

Here’s a new batch of families for which you can start submitting your screenshots:
If your screenshot is selected, you’ll receive 15 Bronze tokens directly on your account. Also, your Ankama nickname will be displayed with the screenshot

You have until next week to submit your entries… Don’t waste a second and go catch them all!
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Let's att the prize. After today, should the winners receive 150 kamas instead 15 brozen tokens?

Seems the new is not too new XD
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150K? Naaah, not worth it.
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Hmm..yeh only 150 kamas is a bit low,but anyway the famlies chosen seem nice smile
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