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WAKFU Update: Lard of Combat

By #[Troyle] May 16, 2013, 16:00:01
Discover the new content that will be implemented with the update of May 21!

Today, we reveal the first part of the new content that will arrive on the game on May 21.

The complete changelog can be read here.


Mortal Bacon: The Dragon Pig, New Ultimate Boss

You already met the Dragon Pig yesterday, and it goes without saying that you’re about to take a beating! Only a few days left before meeting him fist to fist!

You can already study your opponent by watching this teaser video, until we publish a Devblog dedicated to this Heavy Weight beast.

Ultimate Bosses rebalancing

After getting your face revamped a couple of times by the Dragon Pig, you may find it useful to practice on the easier ones.

All Ultimate Bosses will receive significant modifications. Their gameplay will still be the same, but the random aspect of many fights has been reduced, and even removed in some cases.

To compensate, we of course rebalanced some of their attributes. But overall you should be able to build much more reliable strategies.

And the collectors should also be happy since each UB will now have 4 achievements to unlock, granting you no less than 2 Titles and 1 Model per Boss.

Converting Tokens to Kamas

Tired of these tokens using space but serving no purpose? Barter them for Kamas!

As we communicated some time ago, we will now implement a machine allowing you to barter your tokens for Kamas.
You will find it where the Nation Gambling Joints used to be.

And here are the exact conversion rates available:
  • 1 Bronze Token = 10 Kamas
  • 1 Dungeon Token = Donjon level * 4 Kamas

Clan Members wishes

When we talked about the Kama revamp, we also announced that we’d like to implement a mechanic where CM wishes would impact the Kama gains.

It’ll now be the case. We now lowered the normal Kama gain but also added and modified some bonuses provided by the CMs.

Each area will now have a bonus linked to this area, additionally to the world bonus:
  • Kama gain bonus
  • Wisdom bonus
  • Prospecting bonus

If no wish is fulfilled, there will be no bonus. If at least one wish is fulfilled, there will be a minor bonus. If all wishes are fulfilled, the bonus will be stronger.

A main square around the Clan Members

In order to give better visual identity to all Nations, more visibility and better use to the CM areas, we will reorganize spaces with: Jonks, Tofus and Gobballs, as well as the first area hosting the monster of the Nation.

These locations will now have a main square around the CM, and include the main important elements (Drago-Express, specific Workshops, Trade areas, etc.).

Nation transports

We will modify the location of some transports in order to ease your travels.

Each region will now have a main Zaap, and Drago-Express will be moved next to the main elements of each area.

Hunters’ Camps in Nations

Many of you set foot on Chillberg Island and got to meet the Guild of Hunters.

Since this Guild will become more and more important along the next udpates, we decided to start implementing it right now. It will now settle in all Nations and will offer you daily quests for the moment.

You will first only have access to a single quest. Once you completed it several times, you will unlock another one, which will then unlock a third one. These quests will consist of resources/seeds gathering or killing the Boss of the Dungeon of the area.

Environmental Quests in the Shhhudoku’s Kingdom

For a better coherence between our islands, and because it’s just nicer this way, environmental quests will be added to Shhhudoku's Kingdom. They will of course offer an experience reward adapted to the level of the area.

Costume/Insignia slot

Still undecided between wearing this gorgeous Pumpkwin Costume or go for the Guild Insignia of Doom making you so much stronger?

You can now wear both! All cosmetic Insignias will be renamed Costumes and will have their own equipment slot. Insignias granting bonuses will still be called Insignia and use the Insignia slot.

Note that a Costume will always display over an Insignia.

Nation change

Not such a patriot after all and feeling like the other Nations would have more to offer?

As we explained in this Devblog, you will now have two options to find your right place in the World of Twelve.

First: A quest repeatable every 30 days. You will only have to visit Astrub and pay 25.000 Kamas to the Ambassador of the Nation you wish to join.

Second: As the Scroll of Absolution, you will also find a Scroll of Allegiance in the Boutique, available and usable once a week per account.

What will it be? Amakna, Bonta, Brakmar or Sufokia?

What about Dungeons?

Each week (or almost) we will open a new dungeon. We will announce them with our Dungeons sheets, as we have been doing for the past weeks.

But if you can’t wait and want to know directly, the ingame Gazette will reveal them in exclusivity!


Don’t forget that a part of the Gazette is now here just for you! Have a small announcement to share? A slogan or false advertising for us? Send your ideas to your Community Manager, we will retain the funniest for publication in the next gazette.
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Score : 3836
Nice, now I can wear my guild uniform and my Alama costume too, form and function biggrin
Score : 1754

Score : 709
This is the best update that ever was.
Score : 159
A really awesome update guys! I am really happy after such a long time. The only problem?
The fact that it will be full of bugs sad and non-translated portions just like always!
Score : 5126
Second insignia slot: Awesome!

10 Kamas for 1 bronze token: Biggest slap in the face ever. Jeez, if I had not invested all my tokens before the revamp I think I would rage quit and never look back.

UB revamp: Let's see...
Score : 454
This is shaping up to be a good update:
New UB (exciting)
Less randomness in old UBs (I'm sure many people will be pleased to hear)
Main square and transports (I wasn't bothered about this, but the inclusion of craft tables makes this all the more interesting)
Hunters camps (Probably my least favourite addition this update: fetch quests. Gives something to do I suppose, I like the system of unlocking later quests).
Challenges in shhhudoku (cool)
Costume/Insignia (really great addition, will be welcomed by many players I'm sure)
Nation change (personally don't see that being in one nation or another affects you all that much)
Dungeons (always love new dungeons)
Tokens to kamas (I personally don't think 10 kamas is enough for one bronze token, but I suppose some people may have amassed thousands of them)

Generally quite good, one last point though:
What about increasing drop rates in dungeons to compensate for no more tokens?
I was under the impression that some posts on the french forums suggested this was going to happen.
Score : 4782
Im more excited about the 2 titles and 1 statue that comes with each UB biggrin

My garden will be full of excarnus whahahaa
Score : 1754
I hope they make more insignias that has other effects like farmer/lumberjack/herbalist harvests. (ore harvest has too much bonuses tongue)
Score : 833
I bet insignia is the most exciting new in this update, then UBs.

Score : 925
third of an old kama per bronze token? Think I'll just keep them thank you.

Some good stuff in this update though.
Score : 1232
Ugh... well, does the change to dungeon tokens also extend to UB ones? Because they're certainly worth more than that. :I Or are those machines staying for now?
Score : 2555
UB Tokens are remaining furmentalalchemy.
Score : 1671
Insignia update is great but why not just get the guild bonus for being in the guild? Ah well, at least I have more freedom in my appearance now.
Score : 937
How much negative feedback did you get for the removal of tokens? A lot, huh? So why the fuck would you continue to push it rather than just admit you made a mistake? Put the token machines back in! The worthless scraps of kama we're getting for them won't cut it.

This is bullshit.
Score : 890
The vid was epic as ****
Score : 925
I am still intrigued by the token exchange rates. Is this for sure correct?

I could, for instance, run Lunar 5 times and token a boowish belt for a moo set before. Right now boowish belts cost anywhere from 3kk to 4.5kk.

Now we will be able to run Lunar 5 times for (70*4*5) =1.4kk. Maybe we're counting all the trickling kamas for every fight too?

Would have been nice to get at least the value of the most valuable 1 token item for bronze tokens. As it is, 1 bronze token won't be able to buy the cheapest item in the old machine.

Dungeon tokens were fine as is. Bronze tokens exchange rate looks off.
Score : 3995
Goblin-Cleaver|2013-05-16 18:02:56
Insignia update is great but why not just get the guild bonus for being in the guild? Ah well, at least I have more freedom in my appearance now.
Becuase then you would be able to get Guard bonuses as well as Guild bonuses.
Score : 8716
Love all the things, especially UB achievements. Don't give a duck about nation change. Hunters' camps is a very good idea, yay for it.

All is good, excluding tokens to kamas exchange value. When i was reading it, my face was like: @[email protected] what the hell. 10 kamas is a real spit in da face, y'know. And even for hard-gained Vampy tokens we will get.. Lol.. 380 kamas if i calculated correctly? It's like 12 old kamas. WHAT THE HELL.
Score : 14027
It's funny that the best thing about the update is the insignia/costume changehappy Hopefully the UBs are worth our time and effort now. Having no chance from turn 1 (excarnus) is unfair. CMs being more important is nice, I just hope the prospecting is more than just +5 prospecting. It's nice that they're letting us change nations but that means that everyone will be bontarian.
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