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Votes are now open and the contest continues!

By #[Troyle] May 16, 2013, 15:40:00
You can now vote for your favorite Photo and Video in the Frigostworld Challenge!It’s now time to involve your networks! But watch out, new entries are still accepted!

Found your favorite picture? Vote for it, like it and share it!
The Frigostworld Challenge is now completely underway and there has to be the one entry that will receive your vote. Now is time to make it known!

Note however that you can only vote for one picture and one video. If you vote a second time, your first vote will be canceled!

If you didn’t send in your entry yet, you have until June 5th to send us your Photos and Videos and try to win one of the Frigost Snowboards, subscription time, Krosmaster figurines, etc!
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This guy has my vote.
Today I decided to go outside in England and I was using a light coat as its a whole 13 degrees.
Also out of the pictures they kept within the rules the best.

Both the videos scared me .

This entry was a close second as they went to so much effort (this made me laugh is this a lazy Englishman's entry?).
Score : 58
Score : 76
I did not get any message with award for my Nox the troll animation that is on 6th place... :/
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