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The Encyclopedia: Phase 11!

By #[Troyle] May 14, 2013, 11:00:00
Curious about the new families to complete in the Encyclopedia?


[size=13]Here’s a new batch of families for which you can start submitting your screenshots:[/size]
[size=13]If your screenshot is selected, you will receive [/size][size=13]15 Bronze tokens directly on your account[/size][size=13]. Also, your [/size][size=13]Ankama nickname[/size][size=13] will be [/size][size=13]displayed with the screenshot[/size][size=13]. [/size]

[size=13]You have [/size][size=13]until next week[/size][size=13] to submit your entries… Don’t waste a second and go catch them all![/size] 
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No more dungeons!? More tokens no kamas!? D8 Such confusing terror!
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Tokens will be removed with the next patch, so collect your tokens now and you'll get paid ingame after the next patch. wink
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woah o.o
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