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Earth Day is a Sadida celebration!

By #[Troyle] April 19, 2013, 11:00:01
Between April 19th and 22nd, all Sadida furniture items get a 50% discount in the Boutique!

Earth Day is about celebrating the Earth’s beauty, Mother Nature, and all they have to offer. It is about protecting the world’s fragile ecosystem and taking action on this matter. Well, that’s good, because it’s exactly what Sadidas in WAKFU want to do! So on this occasion of Earth Day and from April 19th (9 AM GMT / 5 AM EST / 2 AM PST) to 22nd (10 PM GMT / 6 PM EST / 3 PM PST), all Sadida’s furniture items will be available at half price in the Boutique!Sadida-ify your haven bag
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Patch Day was Sadida elimination!
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Oh boy, in before shitstorm of all those Sadi players which feel betrayed by the patch. The irony is strong with this one ^^
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Oh boy, in before shitstorm of all those Sadi players which feel betrayed by the patch. The irony is strong with this one ^^

YEAH WE TOTALLY NERFED YOU GUSY, but hey, here are some half-priced thingies.
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I could propably even bought those... if my sadida would be well revamped. However it appears that only non-doll build (earth) is effective, and still the numbers on our support spells are a joke. Giving these items now sounds like a sarcasm: "let's celebrate the nerf". :/

I said some time ago i will sub when sadida will get revamp... but i need to make correction to this: i will sub when sadida will be properly revamped. Wich seems i might not sub anytime soon.
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(I feel like one of few sadis that are happy about sadi revamp... I feel so strong now with my air sadi... XD)
I love this Sadida's furniture, so S can take some of this for my bag :3
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Oh look, more Ogrine items that I can't buy because there's no viable way for me, and many others, to pay for the lesser amounts of Ogrines. (3500- 6000) ಠ_ಠ

Credit/Debit cards are the way forward y'know. You guys had the option before, why not now?

Edit, just to clarify. The credit/debit card option isn't there for any ogrine amount. This has been there since the Ogrine "revamp" well over a month now.
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Oh gee thanks

I should buy more of your junk, but I cant even play on my sadida's account because she is so nerfed.

You guys are brilliant

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Fix all the bugs this game have, wich are not few, and maybe ill buy something.
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And as all things Sadida after the patch, I'm guessing this crap will be in French also?

But seriously now, why would anyone in their total right minds buy this crap?
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Loving my air sadi, wish i had waited, since i had already "sadida-ifyed" my place.. oh well

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Good luck selling this to the 10 sadidas in nox serverhappy 
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yeah, celebrate the uber sadida nerf..

can you guys fix the enirispas zombification spell please
its effect should last for 2 turns
to actually allow the enirispa to damage enemies while in water class
1ap and 1wp would be a nice cost for it
its what the enirispa really need for their class

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