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Celebrate Saint Potrick in the World of Twelve

By #[Troyle] March 15, 2013, 13:40:00
From March 15th to 17th, WAKFU turns green! Saint Potrick is about to kick off, don’t miss out! This day is brought to you by Wish, Meridia of the color Green.

Always wanted to try these Pandawas habbits? Now would be the occasion! Saint Potrick will put Clovers and Beers in the spotlight! Forget the rules, let out the drinking master sleeping inside of you!

During the event, you will be able obtain:
  • Four-Leaf Clover: dropped by monsters level 15 and higher.
  • Clover Root Beer: will be craftable with Four-Leaf Clovers (Level 0 Chef Recipe). It will grant you a HP boost and will make clovers appear in your footprints!
  • Luckmeister title: will be obtained upon completing the achievement asking you to craft 5 Clover Root Beers.
  • Also, don’t forget to participate in our Saint Potrick’s Clover web game to win additional rewards!

The ingame event will start on March 15th at 4pm Server time and last until March 17th 11pm Server time.
Start – March 15th, 3 PM GMT / 11 AM EST / 8 AM PST
End – March 17th, 10 PM GMT / 6 PM EST / 3 PM PST

Start – March 16th, 12 AM GMT / March 15th, 8 PM EST / 5 PM PST
End – March 18th, 7 AM GMT / 3 AM EST / 12 AM PST

Raise your mug, and drink!
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I noticed in the in-game achievements page, under Events --> Saint Potrick, that we also have to make 5 clover-shaped cookies to get the 'Luckmeister' title.

How do we make the cookies? (I'm hoping that it's by baking clovers?)
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Drunk Master lead ma way ~~
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Was'nt luckmeister last year's title? Meh, love in-game events anyway. XD
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The luckmeister title might just be stuck to the event itself, and recur each St. Patrick's event? It'll be interesting to see how the Easter/Fleaster event turns out now, see if that's a repeat as well.
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Finally can get the title for my Luckaneer Ecaflip.
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Fun but really wish it would turn us into a green ghostoff or somethinghappy 
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Knowing recipes for beer and cookies would surely help... Taking ammount of ingredients from old recipes (I was asking a friend for those since he was playing from the beginning unlike me)doesn't work so they must've been changed (might be that it's just me being bugged or something). If theres someone willing to share that knowledge, i would appreciate alot smile
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God, the random drops for these events are so damn annoying. Can't you disable that? Inventories get cluttered up with enough useless fluff as it is.
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Where can we access this "Saint Potrick’s Clover web game to win additional rewards!"
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It's in the Infinite Beer and Beyond thing, there's a link to it.
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sad I was more interested in getting the finalized achievements for the fleaster one from last year, and the ballotwine from this year.. since both of them screwed up.. fleaster is coming up though, so I'm hopeful.... but will we ever get to finish the ballotwine one that doesn't involve waiting a full year? The candies were nice and all but.. sad I was more interested in the title that was impossible to obtain due to the fact the ballotwine gobballs did not appear...
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Well wow! A event on St. Patricks Day. Never saw one before ever since i played WAKFU
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Woot love the clovers!
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I can't see the recipes?
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DinoDash|2013-03-18 03:58:59
I can't see the recipes?

cause they are secret at first. you have to make them once before they appear as makeable again.
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Perhaps it was because I wasn't more aware of this event but I found that clovers are a lot harder to drop than other items like the items for thanksgiving. I am very interested in doing this but due to lack of items to make five of each I don't think I'll be able to obtain the title. (Maybe also because I was focused on harvesting than fighting monsters this weekend, I wasn't aware of the holiday until someone actually pointed it out...)

How long is this event anyways? Dang it..... -cries-
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Though, Saint Patrick's Day is an Irish holiday, the USA celebrates it.
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