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News Subscription Gifts and special One Year offer

By #[Troyle] February 28, 2013, 14:45:01
The new subscription gifts are here! And for a few days, bonus gifts will be added to the one year subscription!

New year for WAKFU, new subscription gifts!

Throughout the last year, your characters have evolved significantly, and we decided to adapt the subscription gifts to your needs.

Beginner or experienced player, new character or level 110, all will get something out of these new gifts. See the details below.

Furthermore, from February 28 to March 8, for a one year subscription purchased, you will receive additional gifts: the Hoodfella Insignia, 3 Scrolls of Absolution and a Feathery Flask that will turn you into a Tofu! Please note: make sure that the offer is available before completing your purchase.

1 Week Subscription:
1x Deco Haven-Gem Fragment (combine 5 to get a Deco Haven-Gem), 2x Little Prospecting Candy (+30 PP), 2x Little Wisdom Candy (+30 Wisdom)

1 Month Subscription:
1x Wodent Pet, 1x Deco Haven-Gem, 8x Lille Prospecting Candy (+30 PP), 8x Little Wisdom Candy (+30 Wisdom)

Exclusive for International and North American players: 1 Month recurring subscription
First month: 1x Wodent Pet, 1x Deco Haven-Gem, 3x Little Prospecting Candy (+30 PP), 3x Little Wisdom Candy (+30 Wisdom), 2x Prospecting Candy (+70 PP), 2x Wisdom Candy (+70 Wisdom)
Each recurring month: 1x Deco Haven-Gem, 1x Craft Haven-Gem Fragment (combine 10 to get a Craft Haven-Gem), 6x Little Prospecting Candy (+30 PP), 6x Little Wisdom Candy (+30 Wisdom), 1x Prospecting Candy (+70 PP), 1x Wisdom Candy (+70 Wisdom), 1x Kibibble

3 Months subscription:
1x Snoofle Pet, 1x Deco Haven-Gem, 1x Craft Haven-Gem, 16x Little Prospecting Candy (+30 PP), 16x Little Wisdom Candy (+30 Wisdom), 4x Prospecting Candy (+70 PP), 4x Wisdom Candy (+70 Wisdom)

6 Months subscription:
1x Moofly Pet, 1x Deco Haven-Gem, 1x Craft Haven-Gem, 1x Merchant Haven-Gem, 28x Little Prospecting Candy (+30 PP), 28x Little Wisdom Candy (+30 Wisdom), 12x Prospecting Candy (+70 PP), 12x Wisdom Candy (+70 Wisdom)

1 Year subscription:
1x Clawbot Pet, 1x Deco Haven-Gem, 1x Craft Haven-Gem, 1x Merchant Haven-Gem, 1x Garden Haven-Gem, 48x Little Prospecting Candy (+30 PP), 48x Little Wisdom Candy (+30 Wisdom), 28x Prospecting Candy (+70 PP), 28x Wisdom Candy (+70 Wisdom)

Note: Players from North America will have access to these subscription offers starting from March 1st.
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LOL nice
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Dammit. I subs with my other account yesterday
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Wow, nice job waiting for this after the Masqueradier patch has been live. I feel utterly trolled.
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1 dealbreaking question: Is the tofu flask 1 use only?

edit: the tofu potion is 1 use and lasts 15 min sleep 
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No fireworks? QQ
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What does the Hoodfella insignia look like? Is it worth it? Otherwise great gifts! I love these haven-gems!
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Why the hell did you remove the direct payment? Just a question, now we have to buy ogrines to sub?
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If you changed the flask to an unlimited use item more people would probably get the year subs tongue
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i think this is just ignoring for server unstable
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I love love love this!
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So does this count if I were to do, say, 3+6+3 or something?
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sweet sweet year subs....
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Is it a permanent offer or will it end soon? Would like to have the whole haven-gems and the insignia but I've almost subscribed just few day ago -.-
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And just like that, clawbots rarity vanishes
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i got a hoodfella insig but i was a year subberalready so idk why i got it for sure if it wasnt for that but it makes you look like the hood headloom its realy cool. and the scrolls give let you respec. none of these are tradeable once you put them on a character so fair warning.
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OK call me trolled. I tried to cancel my subscription for a day so that I could get these bonuses...... so what happens it still runs in auto-subscription so that i only get the 6 kibble six haven fragments and six tokens........ DUDE not cool. Also your forums are down fyi. sad I'm REALLY REALLY trying to stick through this game with you guys however betweens nerfs to so many classes that truly change the classes and under whelming development of classes such as all the bugs with earth osa I'm honestly really really disappointed in you guys.

I can understand if your promotional department was slow in letting us know about subscription bonus changes but just offer them effectively retroactively. The in game content bonuses to subscription are suppose to be incentivizing for us to resub ( a valuing behavior) how ever when you do stuff like this your further promote devaluing behavior. Check out the work like approach in business development and marketing by Richard Gillespie.

I'm sincerely not saying this to troll you guys. I'm saying this out of respect for allot of the positive game experience I'm getting. However if I were to serve you pizza that was hot in some spots and ice cold in other. Then my server was late in checking in with you guys and forgot to water your tables. IE. Flow of order or service. Then you would expect compensation. I work as an executive pastry chef with four multimillion dollar programs so I get product management. I know the complexities of multi departmental communication and how difficult that can be. However you guys NEED to step it up. Here are three points I would say that will help build brand loyalty and these are with any brand not just you.

1.) Consistent behavior in communication and delivery of product. Don't over promise; under promise and deliver more. ( I.e. Post all nerf ahead of time, with a detailed description of why and statistics to back it up. Personal opinions are just that and do not work well with the general population especially across national borders and cultural boundaries. Facts are clear and understood ie. Heals are breaking the game end content this is our first solution these are others we thought of and here is why this is better then those early mid and late game, then give quantifiable measurable facts)

2.) Humility in Mistakes. Always take the side of caution. You guys are bleeding players and loyalty like water. You are in serious need of brand development and loyalty programs. The state you guys launched this game was not a finished product we can see it clearly in the remakes of all the classes. Honesty with admitting this and be VERY careful with how you run promotions in the future ( sincerely, how many event have we in NA not been able to participate in as stated, Kwissmess, almanaks Masker riddle etc)

3. Valuing behavior. It is one thing for Sabi to take all the hits and field questions we should see more personal interaction even if it's with a translator from the direct lead of Wakfu. In the industry we call it Guest touches. This last patch should have been an amazing one ... however it’s riddled with bugs. It's underwhelming lets be honest other then air dragons the responses on forums are not great. Put more time into cleaning up the content then adding more. Do some polls. Better yet something you should take advantage of is the Voting system in game. It already exist. take polls in game from real players about changes you have in development and let the community help you prioritize what we feel is the most important. I know there are content development challenges and some take longer then others but this active dialog with the community makes them feel involved.

I really support and appreciate the work you guys are doing honestly. However the communication is lack luster at best. In regard to developmental changes in classes, and intended expectations in these changes. Content NEEDS to be finished before going live. Less is more in this please edit yourself. Use more beta testers if you need resources for that use ogrines to give access to the beta server and the economics from that to pay for it. Lastly try to be VERY careful when you are changing promotions. You need a strong brand with incredible brand loyalty to pull things like changing subs two days before and not retroactively offering reward changes I think seven days retroactively before the post of changes would make sense. For examples look at the difference between how Netflix handled it's changes and what it cost them from the brand loyalty reignited by Makers Mark in their choice not to lower the proof of their whiskey.

Thanks again for reading my wall of text. Feel free to move to the appropriate forum page when there up. I just have to get to work I have 2K covers for brunch in the morning and I have my guest to please tongue. Good luck gods speed. Think about what I have said and hope to see you guys take them to heart as that’s where this sharing of useful information comes from.

- The Muffin Man
" Have you gotten your Kenko today ? "
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this is really nice!! too bad I just subbed for 6mths!! T___T
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Very nice. Always wait for the sale folks.
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