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WakfuCalc - theorycrafting tools

By Elwem#8708 - MEMBER - June 05, 2023, 16:46:16

Let me introduce you to a set of tools and resources designed to help players with Wakfu theorycraft: WakfuCalc

Here is the link to the latest version of the project:
     Version EN-1.0   |   Jun 3, 2023

A user guide, as well as various resources and explanations on both the calc and Wakfu are also available on the same website:
This project, as well as this topic, are translated from the French version.

This short introduction on the forum will be organized in 4 parts:
  • Features list
  • Who is WakfuCalc intended for?
  • What is the purpose of WakfuCalc?
  • Feedback & acknowledgements

- - - - -          - - - -
Features list

WakfuCalc is a spreadhseet that currently features 14 different tools:
  • A damage calculator
  • A heal calculator
  • An armor calculator
  • A build comparison tool
  • A tankiness comparison tool
  • The Blocking Expert sublimation block break-even point table
  • A flat resistance < > % resistance table & converter
  • A Force of Will & AP / MP removals calculator
  • A lvl 186+ mobs "encyclopedia"
  • A Lock / Dodge & MP / AP losses calculator
  • A Lock / Dodge & MP / AP losses against lvl 186+ mobs overview table
  • An initiative calculator to play first against lvl 186+ bosses in dungeons
  • A stasis difficulty and rewards scaling summary table
  • An overview of the formulas in Wakfu & WakfuCalc

Additionnally, the website offers some other resources that are not included into the calc, but that may still be of interest.

- - - - -          - - - - -
Who is WakfuCalc intended for?

WakfuCalc is mainly intended for players who have an interest in theorycraft, since it allows to precisely calculate and provide for a number of game mechanics. Furthermore, this project may help you in improving your understanding of the game.

If you are unsure whether you belong to this category of players or not, I nonetheless invite you to read the next part below on "The purpose of WakfuCalc", so that you may have a better idea on how it can help you.

- - - - -          - - - - -
What is the purpose of WakfuCalc?

I will try to show you the possibilities that WakfuCalc gives you: how this project can be relevant to you, to what problems and questions it may give you an answer, in other words, how it can help you.

From a general standpoint first: Wakfu relies on various mechanics and game elements such as lock and dodge, AP / MP removals, damage, armors, resistances, masteries, critical hits, block chance,...
Each mechanic obeys to specific rules and formulas that define how it works.

The purpose of the various WakfuCalc calculators is to know for you all these formulas and these rules, and to do the math for you, with no mistake and instantly, so that the calc provides you numerical data to take insightful decisions, be it in your fights, your strategies or your builds, and gives you answers to questions such as:
  • How much damage / heal / armor can I do with my character?
  • Is my build with 6900 masteries, 60% damage inflicted and 68% CH more powerful than my other build with 6300 masteries, 80% damage inflicted and 55% CH?
  • Is my build with 22 000 HPs, 73% res and 41% block more or less tanky than my other build with 24 500 HPs, 67% res, 61% block and a Blocking Expert sublimation?
  • When does the Blocking Expert sublimation become worth it?
  • Can I get 1 extra % res with just 3 flat res points?
  • How much Force of Will do I need at least to secure a 3 MPs removal to the boss with the Tax of my Enutrof?
  • How much lock or dodge can I be content with to dodge or lock efficiently a given mob or group of mobs?
  • How much initiative do I need to play first before the boss of a given lvl 186+ dungeon?
  • How many Gobballs does it take to change a lightbulb?

- - - - -          - - - - -
Feedback & acknowledgements

Any constructive feedback or question are welcome.
To get in touch with me, you can join the WakfuCalc Discord server: the link to that server is in the calc.
If you want to reuse or share resources from WakfuCalc or from its site, I would be grateful to you for crediting me.

I would like to thank people who have helped and supported me on this project: Fica, who first gave me the motivation to start it, [Siu] and [Enio] for their patience and their answers to my (numerous) questions, [Koko] for his help on the forum, Pingu (from Method) who helped me a great deal on technical matters, Ranatsumalix, Mareha, Tempestum & Theck for their help on some formulas, Biditchoun for his review of the EN translation, Desk for his testing and feeback, Navet for his support, and my guildmates fomr La Plonk, because they are my homies.
Thanks to all who have given me useful feedback on this project.

Ectawem#0843 on Discord
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This is SOOO GOOOOOOD, very useful and complete tool! wub

JUST a request, would it be possible to add info about the spells of the monsters? their damage, AP costs, range, all that stuff. I think that would be the ultimate addition to the calculator to determine who many hits you can take from the enemy for example or how many APs you need to remove to disable a spell. As a Xelor (or any other class with debuffs) I would love to have access to that sort of info, if possible!

Keep it up! I will definitely use the calculator from now on!
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Score : 128
Thank you smile

While I agree that it would be a very good and relevant addition to the calc, unfortunately, I will not be able to fulfill your request, because the kind of information you are interested in is not publicly available - unlike the mob characteristics that are provided in the calc for instance. Gathering the spells' data manually and keeping them up to date would be a very tedious task.
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Score : 411
Great work!!! Thanks a lot!!
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Why it has almost no likes? This should be promoted literally everywhere. Great job! Looked for something like this for ages!
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I think it's because most people go straight into General Discussions. Yes, there is a "All Threads" on the bottom of the page but it doesn't seem like many click on it to show the latest posts.

At least that's what I've noticed on the Forums throughout the years
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