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altars on the map( containers)

By 5135809#5859 - MEMBER - January 17, 2023, 18:55:16

I have question about altars ,or containers on the map .I have found them all over the places but dont know wat are they ,and wat use they have.
I am talking about one on the map that look like on i the boss rums ,but you put resorces in.

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Demonic altars and extraction altars are for pact pvp . ( Updates rule set here )

Random containers found in nations can contain stones to change a Gemlin's stat type. ( these ones have a cool down so if someone has opened it it wont close for some time )
Otherwise they have emotes or exp and kamas.

Edit: just saw the picture.
If found outside: Those start unique environmental challanges when they have all the items required, it is a group thing as you need people to KO monsters it spawns to get to the boss spawns that require 6 people to touch a rift. 

If found in a dungeon they are called a stele: they change the boss fight depending on what stele you activate often adding something new like in Dreggon dungeon in Zinit it will reduce your mp, make the egg shells's dmg radius different OR they can add an extra boss if it is an intervention stele. 
Both require certain materials and differ between some dungeons. 

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