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[Cheat Sheet] - Legendary Artifacts [Rifts] - 1.73

By iNTiMiD4T0R#9728 - MEMBER - September 23, 2021, 05:36:49

I have compiled here a list of Legendary artifacts we encounter during our rift runs, with their effects and icons.
You can follow this Google doc to find and interactive version.
Wakfu - Legendary Artifacts [Cheat Sheet]

Non-Interactive Image version


- Will update the list with changes as they come by.
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Dem Bonta and Brakmar trolling bonuses: Lock for giving ranged damage, dodge for giving melee damage. Melee wins once again. Wouldn't it be better the other way around?

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What if ranged players have gear that has lock/dodge because they want the res or it's the only thing they have access to at the moment? Those artifacts would make a use for otherwise wasted stats, right? The other way around would be scary because dodge is needed to prevent being locked in melee; on the other hand, would make positioning even more important aka a good tactical decision. Are we still paying for the negative views of the ranged Moon meta?

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could anyone explain how the other artifacts work?

For instance, between a -12% shield and a 6% bow, wich one would be better for a ranged character?

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