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Updated Sublimations

By yugo-elatrop-2000#7673 - MEMBER - July 06, 2021, 10:28:42
Hi hi!
I was disappointed I couldn't find any updated list with all it is needed to know about the new sublimations, so here it is!

If you press the button shown in the picture and choose the first option you will be able to sort the data.


By clicking on the button near every column header, as shown in the picture, you'll be able to apply a sorting by that column.


Or you can just choose one of the filters I already made for you.

By default the table is sorted by color order.
Anyway you can just press ctrl + F to search for anything you need!

You can, of course, download the sheet, however on your offline version you won't be lively updated on the latest changes.

In the "Notes" column there is also some note for Ankama related to possible mistakes made about who drops what.
Like here and here, or here, or herethis instead is probably just a big mistake.

If you find any mistake on my side, please just leave a comment inside the sheet at the corresponding cell, or dm me on Discord @PiegoIlTempo#5487, and I'll fix it as soon as I can.

Have a nice pain farming them! ph34r
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Thank you for your contribution. Very helpful and easy to use.
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No problem! 
I needed it anyway, I just shared it xD
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Thank you! I really needed a guide like this
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Awesome! Extremely helpful smile
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Thank you a lot!!!
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Can I translate?
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Sure, no problem!
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Updated with the new sublimations and corrected the drop rates of the old ones that was adjusted.
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