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Quest: A Lip-smacking Lecipe Question

By semis#7243 - MEMBER - May 10, 2021, 11:13:01
The quest tells me to harvest 15 Black Cawwots and craft some Juice using the Histoholic Marquee.

I can't find anything to harvest at all called Black Cawwots, but I did find Black Cawwot Plant but it requires level 85 Farmer in order to harvest so I would imagine it's not that? or is the quest seriously locked behind a Profession?

Does anyone know if there are many quests "locked" behind Profession levels? I don't level up Professions other than Trapper and had no plans in doing so, at least not in a hurry.
Does this mean I am forced to purchase the Black Cawwots from the Market instead to complete it?
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Yes to all your questions, to participate in some quests (pandalucia, zinit, certain mercenary quests, huppermage school) you will either need to be able to harvest, to craft or to purchase from the materials.
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Alrighty, suppose the Professions are something I might have to look into some day :'D
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